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The sacrifices in Naruto have been a constant source of pain for fans of the series, especially in the anime, where these scenes are accompanied by an epic soundtrack.

if you have followed Naruto until the end, chances are you have had to witness moments with which you have connected more than you expected. This is because both the plot and its characters have been well constructed, giving way to an epic and moving story.

The times of war in the ninja world gave way to days of danger and confrontation. But in the midst of so much suffering, some heroes (and not so heroes) did not hesitate to give their lives for the good of other people or even of an ideal.

In this article we will review some of the sacrifices most epic and moving of all Naruto

The sacrifice of the parents of Naruto

We can’t start talking about sacrifices in Naruto not to mention minato Namikaze Y Kushina Uzumaki.

minato Y Kushina they married in their youth and soon had a son. They were a very happy couple living in peacetime, but there was a problem. Kishina was a jinchuriki, and the seal the beast kept inside her weakened during childbirth. This information was not lost on Tobi, a masked man who wanted to bring chaos to the village.

While Kushina was giving birth, Tobi appeared to weaken the seal, releasing the Nine-Tailed Fox from within. As if that weren’t enough, he used the power of his Sharingan to control the Kyuubi with a Genjutsu, ordering it to destroy Konoha. It is said that dozens of houses were destroyed and countless people died during the tragedy, including Iruka Umino’s parents.

But who knows how many more would have perished had it not been for the bravery of minato Y Kushinawho sacrificed their lives in a ritual to seal the beast. Kushina he was going to die anyway, because that’s what happens when the beast is removed from a Jinchuriki, so he offered his body to contain the fox until his death.

The problem was that the fox would be reborn somewhere, and its power could fall into the wrong hands. For this reason, minato decides to seal half of the fox in his body, and the other half in Naruto, hoping that the newborn baby could get control of it. Years later, this sacrifice would save the world.

kisame Hoshigaki, the most loyal villain of Naruto

One of the reasons the villains of Naruto are so appreciated by fans is because they have backstories that we can relate to. By the end of the series, we learn about each enemy’s traumatic experiences and the reasons they turned evil. However, there are some characters whose motivations are not so clear.

kisame Hoshigaki is an example of it. This villain terrorized thousands of people during his lifetime, becoming a fearsome member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and later a member of Akatsuki. His design was that of a shark, and he bragged to his partner Itachi of being a traitor who at any moment could do the same to so many others.

The reality is that kisame he was always ordered to kill his own. From a very young age, his missions included killing his companions when they could not escape so that information would not be leaked. He also killed his former master to keep the Samehada sword and take his place. He probably would have gotten rid of the Fourth Mizukage as well, had it not been revealed that he was actually a masked stranger named Tobi with an evil plan for world conquest.

Later, after his defeat against mighty guyAoba Yamashiro is about to read the mind of kisame. What nobody expected was that the villain would bite his tongue and summon two sharks in a water prison. It seemed that he wished to protect himself, but his real intention was to sacrifice himself in front of Naruto and its guardians in order to protect the information about the Tsuki no mi project. Ultimately, the loyal kisame he longed for a world free of lies and betrayal.

Naruto most epic sacrifices

mighty guy: The Sublime Green Beast of Konoha

Maybe mighty guy He may not have died, but he still had no doubts about sacrificing himself for the good of the world.

When all seemed lost during the ninja war against Madara and Obito Uchiha, mighty guy he opened the eight inner gates, using his own life energy to gain power. There was no doubt that he would die that very night.

Nonetheless, guy he had no reservations about sacrificing his life, his legs, and even his own name. That night he used the most powerful taijutsu attack ever seen, the “guy Nocturne”, and received from Madara himself the title of the strongest ninja of all time. Though Naruto used an unknown ability to save his life, guy he was never able to walk again.

Naruto most epic sacrifices

Jiraiya passes the torch to Naruto

Jiraiya he was probably the most powerful ninja in Konoha in his time. He had the experience and skill to protect the village, but he thought it was his duty to take care of the villains on his own.

For this reason, the legendary Sannin embarked on a journey to find and defeat the leader of the evil organization Akatsuki, who was threatening to kidnap Akatsuki. Naruto. Thanks to his advanced network of informants and his ability to interrogate, Jiraiya arrives in Amegakure, and it doesn’t take long to find the evil leader.

To his surprise, the leader was none other than Pain, a serious and cold-as-a-corpse villain who possessed the Rinnegan, the most powerful visual power. As if that were not enough, Pain’s identity made Jiraiya freeze, since he was none other than Yahiko, his former student.

After a hard battle, Jiraiya faces six ninjas who claim to be the same person: Pain. Nothing seems to make sense, but the perverted sage was sure he was too big a threat for anyone to defeat. Therefore he felt that it was his duty to do everything possible to solve the mystery, even if it cost him his life.

Even though he had a moment to escape, Jiraiya decided to take another look at Pain, and at that moment he discovered the truth. They were all deceased ninjas that he had faced before, so they couldn’t be anything other than corpses. With the last of his strength before he died, he left Konoha a message informing them that the real Pain was not among them. Thanks to this, Naruto it occurred to him to use the Chakra to track down the real Nagato and end the battle that left Konoha in ruins.

The oldest sacrifice of Naruto: The life of Itachi Uchiha

While other characters sacrificed themselves by accepting death in a heroic act, Itachi Uchiha did more than that. It was not just a moment, but she sacrificed her whole life for the good of the village they lived in. Sasuke, Naruto and everyone else.

Itachi he accepted the hatred of his own people, posed as a criminal, and stained his hands with blood, all for the good of his village. From then on he lived in exile, having to endure the atrocities of a terrorist organization, even though he hated war and had a kind heart. In addition, he was suffering from a deadly disease, but she endeavored to prolong his suffering with medicine.

The reason is that he needed to die in front of his brother, Sasuke Uchiha. In this way, not only could he awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan from Sasuke, but his brother could return home a hero, having avenged his clan. He also took advantage of the fight to free Sasuke of his curse mark.

Like the rest of the heroes Itachi he died with a smile on his face, happy that he had done what he thought was right for his little brother.

honorable mention

Another hero who sacrificed himself for the good of his village was the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobiwho offered his soul to the grim reaper to immobilize the arms of Orochimaru. Thanks to this, the villain was unable to use traditional Jutsus again until much later, when he was no longer a threat to the world.

We must also mention the sacrifice of Nagato for reviving everyone he killed like Pain in Konohaor that of konan to defend the Rinnegan. It can also be said that Obito he ended up sacrificing himself for the good of the world. All of these villains tried to make amends for his mistakes, even if it seemed too late for them.

Neji Hyuuga he also sacrificed himself to save Naruto. However, this scene is one of the least appreciated by the community as it seemed forced. And honestly, Neji’s character was much more. That does not mean that your sacrifice has been as praiseworthy as his character was.

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