The Naruto world poll already accumulates more than 1 million votes, and these are the provisional results

A few days ago, precisely on the occasion of the celebration of JUMP Festa 2023, the a global survey from “Naruto“in which fans of the franchise had a free hand to vote for any of their favorite characters and with a very clear objective: get the winner to be chosen to be the protagonist of a new short manga. Indeed, it seems that this will be an ideal opportunity to learn a little more about one of the characters in the franchise, and fans are not missing the opportunity.

These are the current leaders of the worldwide Naruto vote

Then I leave you with the image they have shared to see how the poll results are now after having already received more than 1 million votes (I remember that you can give one vote per person each day, so this does not mean that 1 million fans have voted):

Obviously I think that the provisional results are enough to comment on, so here goes the thing:

  • First of all, it seems more than correct that the top 3 is one made up of Minato, Itachi and Shisui. 😁
  • Personally, what he did not want to see in the first position was any of the Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. I know this can be read as a popularity poll, but personally I prefer people to vote based on the possibility of seeing more content for a character they want to know a little more about. 😓
  • It must be taken into account that the survey will remain open until January 31, 2023 and that we do not have the specific data of votes in hand, so with more than a month of everything open ahead of course it does not seem that these are going to be the final results. 🤔

In the end, you have to think that the first days people from all over the world voted, but Surely in the end only those who dedicate themselves to the franchise will remain voting with constancy every day. That is why I am quite convinced that by January 31 the classification will look different. I just hope not with Naruto himself in the lead, that we have hundreds of hours of him on screen already.

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