The Ninja World Of Naruto Has A Bug You May Not Have Realized

Who would have thought that the small tasks of a ninja could become so monotonous!

In Kenjo Hanakawa’s Under Ninja, the focus has mostly been on exploring the more mundane and actually other fairly simple details of being a ninja. which are often overlooked in ninja classics like Naruto, and its sequel Boruto. Consequently, it provides a very interesting, but necessary alternative perspective on the shinobi-manga genre.

The ninjas of the Five Hidden Villages of Naruto lead a life full of adventures. If they are not training or developing their skills and techniques, they are fighting amongst themselves or facing aliens with extraordinary powers, supernatural creatures and even cunning spirits with quite dark intentions. And what is more important, all the ninjas in Naruto can find a job anytime they want. It is known that in this environment there is no shortage of work, missions or tasks to complete. In other words, ninja life in Naruto is anything but boring. In fact, aside from a few minor references in Boruto to the tedious work of being a Hokage, the less attractive and exciting aspects of the job are barely mentioned.

The Other Side of Ninja Life: The Story of Kuro Kumogakure

Under Ninja offers a slightly different perspective than the conventional shinobi manga Naruto, expounding on the fact that developing skills like tedious stamina, isolation resourcefulness, and mind-numbing patience are just as important in the run-up to a fight as the Rasengan and clone technique of the shadow in a battle.

The story centers on Kuro Kumogakure, a genin who has wasted most of his days doing nothing but drinking and playing pranks on his neighbors. One day, he is finally given an important mission, and with it, he gets his chance to finally ascend in the ninja world. Although he considers himself up to the challenge, there are a number of obstacles, such as rogue ninjas, weird neighbors, and the fact that, without much guidance, he must rely on nothing more than his own judgment to complete. homework.


In Under Ninja, the story is set in contemporary Japan. Although the ninjas have really existed as in Naruto and other series of the genre, after the end of the Second World War they were forced to practically go underground. Furthermore, with the development of a new society, the work that ninjas have traditionally done for so long, such as the elimination of antagonists or criminals, has been greatly affected by alternative means to achieve the same results, including the police. , the prosecution and the courts.

Being a true ninja, as Under Ninja reflects, involves much more than action and adventure.

However, quite contrary to the rumors about his disappearance, Ninjas still exist. Only, with much less work, the most ordinary ninja has been forced to enter the normal Japanese society and behave in the same way as the rest of the normal citizens. On the one hand, there is the possibility that a ninja will be called for a very important assignment that will allow him to rise in his rank enough to be able to be a full-time ninja. On the other hand, although he is likely to remain a subordinate ninja, the ninja society does not allow him to completely abandon the order or sell his abilities to others without obtaining prior authorization. The fine line between being a ninja but living and working in a world of normal people can be overwhelming for some.causing them to act in ways that can not only cause “negative attention” on the ninjas, but also unintended complications in ongoing operations.

When combined with these real-world insights with more fantastical ninja stories like Naruto, Under Ninja’s exploration of the drearier side of shinobi life can go a long way to fans’ understanding of the manga’s ninja character. Of course, a ninja may be able to levitate in the air while launching a blast of chakra energy at an opponent, but Under Ninja shows fans that before attempting such an attack, they spent months waiting to get the mission accomplished, weeks planning the attack and days determining the best place and angle to levitate and finally shoot. Unlike Naruto, Under Ninja shows the importance of completing each of the small steps that make up the path to success.

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