The perfect Naruto tattoo exists and now you’re going to want it to be on your skin

One of the The most popular manga and anime sagas on their own merits is that of Naruto. It already has a background that exceeds 20 years in length and, from the beginning, has marked the lives of millions of fans around the world. As a result, fanarts are frequent, whether in the form of portraits, illustrations, and even tattoos. In fact, today we come to talk about one of these tattoos. Hint: this ink-on-skin job represents one of Naruto’s own favorite places en Konoha. One more? One of the great passions of Naruto Uzumaki is food in general … and a particular dish.

We are not going to give you so much mystery when the answer is just below, because, indeed, we talk about Ichiraku Ramen, Naruto’s favorite restaurant where you have never skimped on money. From the beginning of his adventures, stopping for ramen before or after a long trip, or simply when his guts are rumbling, has always been a favorite of the ninja most loved by many fans. And so we can appreciate it in the following tattoo, shared by user Stewiegrasu31 via reddit.

As we can see in this tattoo made in black ink with shadows, we can see Naruto with the age and uniform of Naruto Shippuden gulping down the noodles from a generous bowl of Ramen with satisfaction. Regarding the cultural legacy that Naruto leaves, we have been able to see tattoos of other types, it is included gorgeous artwork full of realism. If something is clear, it is that, despite his 20 years, and despite the fact that Boruto does not have the same popularity as his predecessor bows, the universe that this saga leaves us is most fascinating And, as time passes, it will leave a deep mark on a multitude of fans.