The Playmobil Naruto collection is available!

Playmobil continues to diversify its catalog with a big blow of licenses, and a new big blow: nothing less than Naruto! A dozen figurines inspired by the world of manga will appear on the shelves.

Inspired by its competitor Lego, Playmobil has multiplied prestige licenses in recent months. Fans were treated to a complete collection of high quality around Asterix and Obelixafter proposing a reproduction of KITTthe car of K2000or a very impressive miniature version of the Enterprise original from star trek.

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An impressive level of detail

The toy brand offers itself a new big blow by winning the Naruto license! It comes in twelve figurines based on the design of the heroes of the manga: Naruto of course, with its orange outfit and its accessories. The face, rounder than for another standard figurine, is matched with a thick blonde hair, a headband and the character’s characteristic features.

The other figurines reproduce Sasuke, friend (and rival) of Naruto, who benefits from a lot of adaptation work with red eyes, an outfit with a blue rope belt, and a sword. Sakura is obviously on the trip, again with a luxury of details for the hairstyle and the accessories. Big work also on Kakashi with an impressive hair, a mysterious look and an outfit that is really out of the ordinary Playmobil.

Jumbled up, we can also mention Tobi, a villain whose face is hidden by an orange mask! Hidan has his horrifying face and a very stylish scythe, Shizune with his pig Tonton who wears a pearl necklace, or Kisame with his huge sword and a scary face. On the other hand, there will only be figurines. No environment or building is provided. The collection is available at a price of 5.99 euros per figurine.

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