The San Marcos graduate who dedicated her speech to Naruto and Luffy from One Piece

The young professional mentioned these beloved anime characters in an emotional speech that went viral on Tiktok. (Facebook)

Delving into the world of Japanese fiction can be something fascinating, from the animations to the impressions that circulate and allow the stories, of different genres, to reach more people.

With the popularity that the Tiktok social network has obtained, it has been possible to observe a significant number of users who share their experiences with these contents, from reviewsrecommendations, tutorials and curious facts in which your favorite characters appear.

In this context, an event that took place at a recent graduation from the National University of San Marcos. The main character of this recording is a young professional named Karla Huamanwho is a graduate of Tourism Administration.

UNMSM professional dedicated part of his speech to well-known anime and manga characters. (@karlahg_97)

The venue welcomed relatives and students who joined the celebrations for the new stage that graduates of the professional career begin. Upon entering the stage, the announcer read the speech prepared by Huaman, which was mentioned while he received his diploma and greeted the authorities of San Marcos.

The first part of his message was dedicated to his loved ones, specifying the important role they played in achieving this goal. “Thanks to my parents, Simeona and Hilario because they gave me life. Counting on the unconditional support of my mother, I managed to become a professional. To my father, may he rest in peace. He would be proud to see me here now.”

He went on to mention his siblings and grandparents. What seemed to be the end of the narrative, the moment took an unexpected turn when the names of well-known characters were heard. “To my family in general, my dear friends, my partner and to Naruto, Luffy and Hinata Shoyo for teaching me to never give up”.

Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) and Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece).
Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) and Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece).

She was greeted by her relatives, who embraced and received applause from the attendees.

The professional decided to share this important event on her account. tiktokwhich he titled “always remembering my solecitos, source of inspiration”. Unexpectedly, many people were present in the comments section to convey her good wishes, in addition to revealing that they also feel that these personalities have been part of their lives.

Some told how the dialogues and phrases they read in the manga or listen to in the anime have served as motivation to achieve their goals and not give up.

Hinata Shoyo, Haikyu!!
Hinata Shoyo, Haikyu!!

The graduate took advantage of the time she was given to mention three famous anime and manga characters. The first was Naruto Uzumakithe hero of Konoha created by the mangaka Masashi Kishimoto.

Monkey D. Luffy was also mentioned, or simply Luffy, the protagonist of One Pieceone of the most famous comics in the history of Japan and the world that tells the adventures of a young man who wants to become the king of pirates.

Finally, the last to appear on the list was the star of Haikyuu!!, Hinata Shōyoone of the volleyball blockers who stands out among his peers, although he is not tall like them, but that is not an impediment to leaving everything in each match.

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