The sharingan shows Naruto a world where his parents still live.

More than once, alternate realities have been decisive in some of the biggest franchises, especially if we talk about the Multiverse Saga directly related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but now, a new version of Naruto gives us a new concept of the multiverse. .

And it is that, although the idea of ​​alternative universes in which things can be slightly different from the original has been part mainly of the comicsmost notably from DC and Marvel Comics for a decade, it was only recently that superhero movies began to explore the multiverse.

Despite that, now that it has come to NarutoHe doesn’t seem to care that much about many sci-fi concepts, but during the arc Ninja War from naruto shippuden it opened the doors for alternate dimensions, aliens, and even time travel.

Although Kakashi and Obito’s Kamui was already a very sci-fi concept compared to other Naruto techniques, it was only through the defeat of Madara Uchiha and the arrival of Kaguya that Naruto’s world was opened up to almost any element of Science fiction.

On Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie sees Naruto and Sakura being transported to an alternate universe by Tobi’s Mangekyo Sharingan’s Kamui technique. Just as the Fourth Great Ninja War was about to begin, Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie answered the age old fan question “what if Naruto’s parents had never died?”.

Although the filmWhile not part of Naruto canon doesn’t explain exactly how Obito Uchiha’s Kamui was able to create this alternate universe, Road to Ninja’s different reality surely felt more than a traditional genjutsu or even a Tsukuyomi. genjutsu. Similar to “What If…?” from Marvel’s Road to Ninja explored several of those styles, except they were all in this reality.