The spin-off proves that Ranger Uchiha has a poetic side!

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Warning ! The following contains spoilers for Chapter 6, Part 1 of Naruto: Sasuke’s Story—The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Naruto: Sasuke’s Story – The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust is how the spinoff filled in Sasuke and Sakura’s gaps.. It added romance and flesh to the married couple, which was, along with Kiba and Tamaki, the worst relationship in the Naruto era.

Fortunately, we finally see how much Sasuke misses Sakura and how valuable she is to him on the pitch.. This created a nice spy dynamic, with the two infiltrating a Redaku prison to find a cure for Naruto, who is sick. Interestingly, in Chapter 6 Part 1 of Heavenly Stardust, the poetic side of Sasuke appearswhich adds to the surprising romantic aspect that fans have learned of recently.

Sakura learns that Sasuke has a crush on pink.

In Chapter 6 Part 1 of Sasuke’s story, Sakura is sitting at the lunch table and talking with Jiji. His words encouraged Sasuke to offer Sakura a wedding ring, although he has no idea they are married, or so Sakura thinks. As Jiji chats and learns more about her mysterious husband, he blurts out that he knows she is with Sasuke.

Sakura is shocked but Jiji stands firm and promises to keep it a secret. As for how he knew, he admits he wondered why Sasuke was staring at the tree through the window.. He was clearly expecting something, and Sakura now understands that he was waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom. He spent a lot of time there during his incarceration, the pink reminding her of her signature hair, confirming that she misses her dearly. Which is why he’s grateful that she’s there, helping him unlock a political conspiracy, too.

Sasuke’s vulnerability and emotional side is a good thing.


This kind of endearing arc is a great addition to the Naruto story, as it’s not seen often in the Boruto anime or manga. It’s disappointing that such a sentiment is often omitted, as it would make Sasuke a better father to Sarada, setting an example of love, care, and consideration.. It would also create more warmth between him and Sakura, shaping a similar dynamic to Naruto and Hinata, who have more romance in them. In short, it’s a great way to make these characters, especially someone as reserved as Sasuke, more human.

After all, his sinister Uchiha clan wasn’t as emotional and caring back then, hence the outbreak of civil war in which Itachi (Sasuke’s brother) had to eliminate them as they had become terrorists. There simply wasn’t compassion and empathy in the tribe back then, but Sasuke displays all of those traits now. It’s a welcome turnaround, and while he doesn’t deliver loquacious speeches or write heartfelt poems, this subtle way of laying bare his heart, mind, and soul makes him more complex, nuanced, and multi-dimensional. . The arc gradually transforms him into the family man Naruto always knew he could be.