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A month of December that will fill your bookshelves with thrilling and adventurous sequels! From flagship sagas to long-awaited novelties, fill up on fantasy, sport and combativeness. Discover our manga selection that will warm you up in this winter weather.

Dandadan, Volume 3 – Yokinobu Tatsu (Kaze)

To start this selection in style, here is a manga that became a must when it was released last month: Dandadan ! Yokinobu Tatsu continues to make its readers dream with the volume 3 of this saga mixing the occult sciences and the supernatural.

Aira, the most popular in school, picks up an Okarun ball. Since then, she can see paranormal acts and thinks she has received a sacred mission. She goes to set up a trap for Momo, thinking she is possessed by a demon. But she will quickly be arrested by a threatening being who wants her life.

One-Piece-Edition-originaleOne Piece, Volume 103 – Eiichiro Oda (Glénat)

One year after the publication of volume 100here comes the arrival of volume 103 of One Piece where the Straw Hat crew will make you discover their new adventures!

Eiichiro Oda fills its fans even today with its cult manga which reserves many surprises in this new episode. A content still kept secret that will not fail to satisfy your thirst for reading and adventure!

Spy-x-FamilySpy x Family, Tome 10 – Tatsuya Endo (Kurokawa)

The continuation of the adventures of the Forger family, the special agents who are part of the elite! In the volume 10 of Spy x Family, Anya gets bad grades in school, which interferes with Donovan’s approach plans. Once in Westalis, a child liked to play soldiers, a game his father hated.

But one day, bombs fell on the town of Ruen. That’s when everyone’s life started to change. new adventures that Tatsuya Endo prepared for our greatest pleasure.

Kaiju-N-8Kaiju #8, Volume 7 – Naoya Matsumoto (Kaze)

Ruthless fighting persists in the volume 7 of Kaiju #8 !

Now that Kafka is infected by one of these monsters, he is more capable than ever of transforming himself and, thus, of fighting the Kaiju. Naoya Matsumoto remains in mystery for this sequel which has the merit of being eagerly awaited by many of you!

Mashle-12Mashle, Volume 12 – Hajime Kōmoto (Kaze)

The fight engaging Mash and his enemies continues in the volume 12 of Mashle !

However, in order to keep this last arc in suspense, Hajime Komoto announced the beginning of this last part in a letter to the attention of his fans. The time has come to leave for new adventures.

Blue LockBlue Lock, Volume 11 – Yusuke Nomura, Muneyuki Kaneshiro (Pika)

The great rivalry tournament comes to an end in the volume 11 from soccer manga Blue Lock, which has experienced a spike in popularity since its release. Itoshi is the player who will succeed in finalizing this match. Despite the loss, Isagi managed to qualify for the third selection.

Ego will explain to him what luck is in football, a truth that will not leave him unmoved. Yusuke Nomura and Muneyuki Kaneshiro prepares us for new matches and challenges that will make this saga cult in the world of sports manga.

Naruto-edition-HokageNaruto Hokage Edition, Volume 6 – Masashi Kishimoto (Kana)

The tests to become chûnin continue in the village of Konoha! In the volume 6 of naruto Hokage Edition it’s time to start the third test: the duels. 20 fights are organized between each ninja apprentice. Our group of Naruto friends are all selected. The Hokage will give fighters 30 days to prepare for these battles.

However, when our hero begins his training, an event will occur that will change his preparation plans. The long-awaited sequel to this special edition Masashi Kishimoto do not leave without suspense!

RadiantRadiant, Volume 17 – Tony Valente (Ankama)

A rescue gone wrong. In the volume 17 of Radiant, Ocoho will succeed in infiltrating the Domitors in order to rescue Mélie. But she is no longer a prisoner, she has been taken in by Opilion who encourages her to become a Domitor. As for Seth, he managed to escape from the prison tower.

He will meet Grimm who is ready to deliver the wizard in exchange for a meeting with Adhès. Tony Valente takes us to the heart of perilous missions to save the world from secret organizations preying on the lives of innocent people.

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