The trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder” would be a plagiarism of Naruto Shippuden


Thor: Love and Thunder released its first trailer just a few days ago and made Marvel fans very happy. But the followers of naruto shippuden complained about a possible plagiarism? Look at the tests!

Thor vs.  Naruto
© IMDBThor vs. Naruto

After successes like Spider-Man: No Way Home either Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings, Marvel has a highly anticipated card for 2022. Among the first releases this year isDr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness next May 5but it is also Thor: Love and Thunder which will hit theaters on July 8. And, without a doubt, this film has already become one of the most talked about in the fourth phase of the study.

This is because Thor: Love and Thunder will not only mark the return of Chris Hemsworth to the franchise, but will also tell what happened to the God of Thunder after avengers endgame. In this feature film, which has already been three years since its premiere, Thor ends up on the ship of the Guardians of the Galaxy after the end of the Avengers. For this reason, now, the intrigue of the fans is to know what will happen to him and his destiny as a superhero.

Such is so the official trailer that Marvel premiered of Thor: Love and Thunder gave some hints of what his fate might be. However, the truth is that the advance released from the MCU has surprised many fans, especially fans of naruto shippuden. This anime is one of the best known in the Japanese art industry and one of the most watched.

That is why, immediately, many fans recognized in the Hemsworth movie trailer the similarities it has with the opening of naruto. The user @myaniello on TikTok was the first to show the resemblance between the two videos. Both in Thor’s preview and in the anime’s introduction, the protagonists are seen running in the same way through a forest, being illuminated by fire and with similar expressions.

Undoubtedly, something that has drawn a lot of attention from viewers of both Marvel and Naruto, but that was also seen to come. It is that, more than once it has been said that certain characters of the superhero franchise are based on some of the japanese anime. Furthermore, one such case is Thor Y Loki.

Although there is no official confirmation about this, many fans of, for example, naruto shippuden they think that Thor and Loki are an adaptation of Naruto and Sasuke. This is because they have a very similar history, one being from the dark side who later ends up becoming good and another is the vigilante and the good. Besides, Sasuke is like another mother’s brother that Naruto never is the case with marvel characters.