The villain of My Hero Academia could have been inspired by Orochimaru from Naruto


There are some strangely similar aspects to both characters…

in recent chapters from My Hero Academia, it was revealed that Dabi was much more than just hired muscle for the League of Villains. According to Dr. Garaki, he was the raw material for All For One to survive, becoming a vessel for your mind and soul. That’s similar to what Naruto’s Orochimaru did to the young Shimura Tenko when he promised all of his recruits strength, safety, and purpose to use and live by.

Going back to our main story, Dabi explained to Shoto that All For One sees his minions as “vessels” of his own life. Both he and Dr. Garaki know how to play with human bodies to enhance, move, or steal powers. like a Dr. Victor Frankenstein from the anime world. Even All For One’s most loyal minions fall victim to his power.

All For One sought immortality, and nearly obtained it when he obtained Dr. Garaki’s Longevity Quirk, but even that wasn’t enough. Like the Naruto villain Orochimaru, All For One aspires to become immortal placing their essence into other people’s bodies.

Orochimaru’s particular brand of immortality is only possible when he can be placed in a new body, just as he tried to possess Kaguya Kimimaro’s body with his unique bone-based kekkei genkai or the bodies of Sasuke or Itachi. In the eyes of All For One from My Hero Academia and Orochimaru from Naruto, true power doesn’t come from a training regimen or the power of friendshipbut to treat human bodies and powers as modular things to be modified in a laboratory.

orochimaru naruto my hero academia all for one

Power is transplanted, not nurtured. Through that immortality is that can exceed their own limits. This vision of the world begins to show that both characters could have more than one similarity or inspiration.

All For One’s true goal in My Hero Academia is the same as Orochimaru’s in Naruto.

Broadly speaking, in My Hero Academia, All For One did a lot to establish himself as the new Orochimaru as a cunning scientist to a villain who plays with bodies and supernatural gifts as Dr. Frankenstein alongside Dr. Garaki who provides him with the technology needed to fulfill your dreams. However, he and his ancestor from Naruto differ in one significant way. Orochimaru aims to become immortalbeing a deeply egocentric being who intensely fears death, which is why his transfers of power are so literal.

Not only will he heal his body or learn a new jutsu, but he will do the unthinkable and be reborn in someone else’s flesh, preferably one with kekkei genkai. All For One takes a more symbolic and intangible approach to all of’ve probably already noticed at this point.

orochimaru naruto my hero academia all for one

All For One in My Hero Academia

All For One seeks a different kind of immortality, more like that of All Might and the One For All possessors, All For One is a symbol to millions of people, and a symbol does not die with the flesh of its creator. Instead, All For One wants his legacy to be immortal, and that legacy can be transferred to a naturally talented recipient, that their ideals cannot fall before any bullet. All For One would rather not die soon, but if he can perfect Shigaraki as the new symbol of evil and have his legacy, abilities, and power as the terror of My Hero Academia’s hero society continue, he can die in peace and satisfaction.

All For One, like Orochimaru, wants to break the rules of his combat system and create something beyond death, but ideas are even harder to kill than a body charged with the Sharingan or the bone-based kekkei genkai, and Dabi’s recent exposure helps make this even clearer. All For One raised Dabi and Shigaraki to not be All For One’s personal vessels of immortality, but vessels for his will and his iconic role in the criminal underworld,to bend society before his power. In that way, All For One actually has Orochimaru’s beat, but improved in My Hero Academia.

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