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By The Worm Brush

– Published on May 01, 2022 at 12:30

Naruto Uzumaki is reputed to be one of the most powerful ninjas in the world of Naruto manga. However, other ninjas are much more powerful than him!

When Japanese anime fans think of ninjas, one franchise serves as a reference: naruto. And that makes perfect sense given the popularity of the title and its sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. But despite this popularity, it does not mean that the character of Naruto is the most powerful ninja in the world of manga or Japanese animation.

Although the anime series may perhaps be the best about ninjas, there are indeed characters, whether in naruto or in other franchises, who are far more powerful and intelligent than the Nine-Tailed Fox host. And even though Naruto is indeed able to stand up to many opponents thanks to his impressive physical strength, other Shinobi are able to beat him in terms of techniques.

10. Fena’s Yukimaru: Pirate Princess

Released in October 2021 on Crunchyrollanime Fena: Pirate Princess is an original creation of the animation studio GI production and among the characters, we find a ninja named Yukimaru. And although the series naruto is much more popular than this anime, the character of Yukimaru is much more competent than our dear Naruto. Indeed, Yukimaru turns out to be incredibly fast, but also very good with a blade. Two skills that Naruto does not possess. Admittedly, Naruto possesses greater raw strength than Yukimaru, but a character like Yukimaru, or like Kakashi, who is particularly agile and versatile, can easily spot and use Naruto’s weak spots. Although the series Fena: Pirate Princess is not a better creation than narutoit nevertheless seems obvious to us that Yukimaru is a better ninja than Naruto.

9. Sonic from One-Punch Man

Unfortunately for him, the character of Sonic is completely at odds with the rest of the series. Indeed, his character is particularly serious, while One-Punch Man is reputed to be a true parody. Suddenly, the strength of Sonic is often put forward in comic situations. Nevertheless, this character is extremely fast and possesses impressive strength. During his confrontation with the Bats group, Sonic manages to defeat the majority of the gang members in just a few seconds., also causing the Anvil Head leader to flee. Sonic’s skills make him one of the most powerful ninjas in the manga world, but also in the world of Japanese animation.

8. Yu Yu Hakusho’s Jin

If you don’t know Yu Yu Hakushoknow that it is the big brother of Hunter x Hunter, created by Togashi Yoshihiro. During the story, a tournament is organized during which Yusuku must face Jin, a yokai Master of the Wind. He is a quick-witted and quite mysterious character. Jin doesn’t take fighting as seriously as his teammates and that’s probably why he instantly manages to befriend Yusuke. Although at first glance Jin’s mastery of the wind may not seem special, it turns out that he has still managed to develop several powerful and deadly techniques. For his part, Naruto, despite being also linked to the wind, can’t do anything against a character like Jin. The latter is indeed not only able to fly, but also to transform his blows into powerful tornadoes. Although Jin was beaten by Yusuke in the tournament, it is still evident that he would beat Naruto soundly..

7. Jubei Kibagami from Ninja Scroll

Just like Rock Lee from naruto, Jubei’s character has demonstrated that he can be as powerful as other ninjas even without powers. Jubei is indeed a master swordsman and an incredibly versatile fighter. His swordsmanship is so powerful that he is able to cut through the air with his sword and create a vacuum. He also uses a somewhat unusual technique with wires, making him nearly impossible to disarm. At first glance, Naruto seems much more powerful than Jubei. However, the latter is aware of his disadvantage in the face of overpowered characterss, which pushes him to do everything to make up the difference in power.

6. Gennosuke Koga of Basilisk

Gennosuke is an incredibly talented swordsman, but it’s not that talent that makes him so powerful. Indeed, Gennosuka has a special ability called Dojutsu who can prevent his opponents from attacking him. This technique, which he can activate through simple eye contact, causes his enemies to kill themselves rather than attack him. In addition, this character has overdeveloped senses and particularly impressive sword skills, which makes him almost unbeatable.

5. Rurouni Kenshin’s Aoshi Shinomori (Wanderer Kenshin)

Head of the group of Oniwaban, a clan of ninjas located in Kyoto, Aoshi possesses unrivaled skills. It is at the age of 15 that he takes the head of the clan of Oniwaban, and since then, Aoshi has proven to be the best in two areas: reconnaissance and stealth. He is both an expert in kodachi, the weapon he uses, and in kenpo, a Japanese martial art of Chinese origin. During the history of Rurouni Kenshin, Aoshi almost managed to defeat Kenshin, one of the best samurai of all time, which proves how powerful Aoshi is. But what makes him a great ninja and a dangerous opponent is his speed. Indeed, using the technique of Jissen Kenbu, Aoshi becomes impossible to follow. No wonder his skills and strength have become legendary.

4. Tengen Uzui from Demon Slayer

As the Pillar, Tengen is a super-powered swordsman capable of defeating some of the strongest demons. But in addition to this role, he is also a very gifted ninja. Not only is he experienced in the handling of blades, but he is also one of the strongest pillars physically. But what makes him really powerful is his technique of Sound Breathing. Tengen is indeed able to use sound as a weapon, allowing him to detect sound vibrations in order to anticipate the movements of his opponents. In addition, the character of Tengen is much more stylish than that of Naruto thanks to its bling-bling side.

3. Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach

Yoruichi, from the series Bleach, is the former Captain of the Second Division of the Gotei 13, as well as spy services. She doesn’t need Zanpakuto to be powerful, and within Soul Society her speed is unmatched. She rarely shows off her abilities, but when she decides to get down to it, she is able to beat multiple opponents in just a few seconds. It is therefore not surprising that Suì-Feng is admired in front of her, although they are as talented as each other.

2. EraserHead from My Hero Academia

Although My Hero Academia highlights superheroes, there is a character who could be called a ninja and it’s Eraserhead! Indeed, the character of Eraserhead prefers to work in the shadows and his great discretion is certainly his greatest asset. And while he doesn’t have an offensive Quirk, he’s still capable of taking on the strongest villains and defeating them. Admittedly, Eraserhead is not the number 1 hero, but he could claim to be one of the best ninjas. His combat skills are superior to those of many true ninjas, and he also has great intelligence that allows him to thwart all traps and confuse his opponents.

1. Kakashi Hatake from Naruto

Even diehard Naruto fans will agree that Kakashi Hatake is a vastly superior ninja to his student. Besides, he is reputed to be one of the best ninjas in the manga and anime world. He is not only very intelligent and endowed with great strength, but he also turns out to be very versatile. He is indeed capable of using a blade as well as fighting in close combat. Additionally, Kakashi is one of the few able to use the Sharingan outside of the Uchiha clan.