These minimalist Naruto and Kakashi wallpapers are perfect for your mobile

Many people who are lovers of manga and anime in general have a special sympathy for Naruto in particular. And there are plenty of reasons, since has an exciting story full of valuable elements, such as interesting story arcs (in spite of the filler), magnificent character evolutions (tell that to the entire Genin generation that started with Naruto Uzumaki), and a most gripping setting. All this combination of elements forms the perfect breeding ground for your community to also display magnificent fan arts. For instance, These two minimalist backgrounds of Naruto and Kakashi are the most curious.

These two works, shared by the reddit user _binie, and which have the signature of your artist on the right foot of each screensaver, They are adorable representations of the ninjas of Konoha Naruto and Kakashi. In the case of the great protagonist, we find a face in which his feline features predominate, while they accompany him bits of naruto, one of his favorite ingredients in ramen dishes.

On the other hand, in kakashi’s wallpaper, Naruto’s first teacher, we find a sweeter version of his impassive face in the company of eggplants, in a possible reference to his fondness for reading erotic novels published by his teacher Jiraiya. A reference subtle and tart to the likes of the mighty jonin.

Always it is interesting to appreciate the different fan arts that fans of a manga and anime can perform. Among many other things, Naruto is usually one of the most beloved franchises within the otaku scene, and as a result of this we can find spectacular portraits, too The most original tattoos, it is included crossovers with other sagas with a most striking result. Of course, the imagination of the community greatly enriches a saga and everything that surrounds it.