They revive Boruto’s Otsutsuki form in Chapter 63

The manga from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has spent the last few months of chapters not only exploring the emotional consequences of fighting Isshiki Otsutsukibut has been setting the stage for the fight against the next major threats that remain of Code and the remains of Kara.

Code had taken his time making his next move so as not to face a very alert Hidden Leaf Village at once, but Kawaki forced him to play his hand. Fans are now wondering about the future match of Kawaki and Naruto’s son that was seen at the start of the sequel.

After Kawaki turned rebellious and escaped from the village thanks to the Otsutsuki’s ability to hide his chakra, he ended up playing directly into Code’s hands, as Code was finally able to attack Kawaki without the village’s protection. In contrast, the anime starts new Boruto Chunin Exams and these reveal new characters.

The previous chapter of the manga, spurred things on a bit more with Boruto’s first meeting with Code, and now the newest chapter has taken things to an even higher level. As a full Karma vs. Karma battle is preparing to break out. That means, a return from the forma Otsutsuki del hijo de Naruto.

Spoilers de Boruto manga capítulo 63

The Chapter 63 from the manga series revealed how much stronger Code is than Naruto and Kawaki’s son can handle. The latter is not only unable to defend himself thanks to his lack of Karma, but the protagonist himself is out of control due to how much still needs to be learned about the power of Karma itself.

While the son of the Seventh has been told that his body has been transforming into that of an Otsutsuki, the longest karma is drawn into his body. According to Code, he may not be channeling all that is in the power of the brand.

However, it seems like that worry could end soon, as the blonde’s full Karma form has begun towards the end of the chapter. It is not clear if Momoshiki Otsutsuki He has taken over his body once more, but he doesn’t have the horn, so he could tap into Karma while still keeping his mind intact.

Then again, all of this could lead to an even bigger disaster with the next chapter, so what do you think of this form of Karma returning at the last minute? Anime-only fans saw that the show revive a major villain with tragic consequences.

Where to read Boruto manga Spanish?

(Photo: Pierrot) Mark Karma in the anime

You can read the manga of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations in Spanish from MANGA Plus, an application of the editorial Shueisha which has the last three chapters available for free. Finally, The Truth News reminds you that you can watch the anime from the plataforma Crunchyroll.

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