This brutal tattoo of Itachi from Naruto is the best thing you are going to see today

The thousand-year-old tattoo technique has been in our lives since the modern human being. Although a few years ago this technique on the skin was socially frowned uponIt is so common these days that almost everyone has one made. Like multiple tattoo artists, Andrey Tattoing – @andreytattoing on Instagram- he designed a drawing on the skin of one of his clients based on the sharingan of the Uchiha clan.

There are different styles of tattoos, blackwork, only with black ink; traditional, delimited with pure, solid and simple black lines that are usually thick; dotwork, pointillism; watercolors; traditional japanese… But in this case we have a neotraditional. East new school it’s back to the old school and offers an improved view of the traditional. It also retains many elements of its predecessor, such as the thick marked lines. But add bright colors and fluorine, extending the color palette used to a larger amalgam. It opts for the branch of the natural making more realistic sketches. Well, here we have Itachi’s famous raven combined with a background of sharingan honoring the Uchiha clan from the anime series Naruto.

One of the first people to be found tattooed is the Ice man, Ötzi. The oldest mummy of European ancestors lived in the Copper Age to 46 years of age. At that time it was performed as a kind of acupuncture, although it could also be considered a magical and healing function. Later in ancient Rome warriors were tattooed to demonstrate their bravery or confirm their maturity. Similarly, in the East the Yakuza appropriated this practice even though they related to criminals. Although from the seventeenth century it came to be considered a way of capturing small works of art.

But despite the fact that in the history of tattoos it was associated with lower class people, as in the early twentieth century, or with criminals, today everything has changed. There is even a filia called stigmatolophilia, which consists of a sexual attraction to a tattooed person. This reaches the limits that a tattooed person is more likely to have more sexual encounters other people. Therefore, anyone can become one and does not necessarily have to show their bravery or transcendental significance, but simply a hobbie or a series that you are passionate about, like in this case the anime of Naruto.