This epic figure of Naruto with all the forms of the protagonist is a dream


An epic figure of Naruto has been presented in which all his forms appear and it is impressive.

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most important manga and anime characters. Many years ago, when his series aired, he was part of the most popular trio of franchises, as they were One Piece, Bleach and Naruto: Shippuden.

This character starred in a wonderful story written by Masashi Kishimoto, in which we were able to accompany him from when he was a child with a dream to becoming an adult and making it come true. Due to how important Naruto is, a resin figure has been created that is so awesome and epic, because it condenses all the stages of the protagonist in a structure. The result will make you want to buy one immediately.

The Naruto figure that will leave you breathless

Crescent Studios has developed a resin figure starring Naruto through its different stages in the manga and anime. But it is not the only recently released product, as the smartphone manufacturer Realme has launched a Naruto-themed mobile.

The resin figure of Naruto in all its phases is impressive

In the figure, we can see its initial stage, when i was a 12 year old who lived getting into trouble to get the attention of adults. In addition, in the statue we can also see some of the most important places for the protagonist, such as the Ichiraku Ramen store, where he used to go to eat.

But this is not all, because we can also observe his adolescent stage, after returning to the village after training with Jiraiya for a few years. In the figure, this stage of Naruto is found throwing a Rasen-Shuriken. In addition, behind him is the legendary Mount Hokage.

How could it be otherwise, in the figure also Naruto appears with Hermit Mode (Sennin Mode), mounted on Gamabunta, the giant toad. But we can also appreciate Naruto with the call Rikudo Sennin mode throwing a small bijuu-lady in form of Rasen-Shuriken. And, at the top of the whole figure, is Naruto as an adult Hokage, that moment in which he fulfilled his dream.

Definitely, It is a majestic resin figure, ideal for all fans of the franchise and lovers of the adventures of this ninja. And if you want to buy it, you can do it in favorgk. This statue has a height of 55cm. In addition, it has an interesting detail and that is that it includes LED lights in the Rasengan in the center of the figure and everything the Kurama Chakra that surrounds them. In this way, you can get them to light up or blink.

Naruto, the perfect example of overcoming and determination

Naruto went a long way to make his dream come true, against all odds

Naruto went a long way to make his dream come true, against all odds

As you may already know, Naruto was born and grew up a reject due to the demonic power that he kept inside him. However, he was fortunate to meet people who cared about him, such as Iruka and Kakashi. Eventually he was accepted by his peers, which inspired him to go ahead and get stronger.

After Sasuke’s departure, Naruto promised to bring him back and for this he trained with Jiraiya. The Naruto manga shows us that even the rejected or the one who is born without talent is capable of surpassing the prospects if he puts in effort and works hard without stopping.

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