This incredible portrait of Naruto collects the most important moments of his life

The protagonist of Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, is the target of many illustrations and fanarts, although this one in particular moves the feelings of all fans of the series. This is one of the anime most popular since launch. The charisma of its protagonist manages to win the hearts of his followers with each chapter and, now, continues to captivate fans Thanks to the incipient wave of illustrations that you receive daily.

The image from afar appears to be simply a portrait of Naruto as an adult, as we see at the end of the manga from Masashi Kishimoto and in the sequel Boturo: Naruto Next Generation. But as the illustration gets closer, it is revealed that it is composed of the most important moments in the protagonist’s life. We can observe it sitting on a swing alone, as at the beginning of the series; the iconic photo with Team 7 and Kakashi; ** lying on the ground after the battle with Sasuke **; and his appearance as the Hokage of Konohagakure.

I colored my Naruto art, hope you like it! from Naruto

This is how the evolution of this character is shown, initially presented as a social outcast until he became one of the most beloved heroes in his universe. Also, for fans of the work of Turned Ninja and those who want to know more about this avid illustrator can visit his Web page. Here he makes personalized portraits where the protagonists of animes and video games take on great importance in his works and conclude with some awesome fanarts.

This manga has been considered one of the “Big Three” of Weekly Shonen Jump, early 2000s when the franchise was booming. Thanks to its popularity, more series and movies have been adapted, in addition to video game What Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 O Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy, giving even more popularity to the wonderful story of these ninjas.