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A series of beautiful and spectacular fanarts from Naruto, reveal what the anime adaptation of Masashi Kishimoto’s work would have looked like had it been Illustrated and animated by the great Hayao Miyazaki and his team at Studio Ghibli.

We know that Naruto It is one of the most popular and incredible shonen works that exist and it is perhaps one of the most acclaimed anime of all time, as it is a true work full of action, adventure, drama, beautiful life lessons and a lot of underlying philosophy. For its part, Studio Ghibli is possibly the most renowned Japanese animation studio in the world whose works have been awarded various prizes and recognitions such as the Oscar it received Spirited Away a few years ago.

Now can you imagine what it would have been like if Miyazaki himself had been responsible for bringing the life of the blonde ninja and the shinobi world to television or the big screen? Just think how spectacular the characters in Naruto or better yet, take a look at these beautiful and spectacular images …

Photo: Twitter – @visualshonen

Just by looking at this first image, you can see how beautiful and wonderful this work is. Just little Naruto looks amazing and too cute drawn in Studio Ghibli style, not to mention the adorable baby Kurama.

Photo: Twitter – @visualshonen

This other piece is wonderful because it recreates the scenery of Spirited Away but changing the protagonist of the Ghibli movie for a small version of Sakura who is chased by a gloomy version of Sasori.

Photo: Twitter – @visualshonen

In this other drawing we have nothing less than Tsunade Senju looking pretty good in Miyazaki’s style and accompanied by her old love Dan Kato. And finally, to top off these incredible arts, a good close up the acclaimed Sasuke Uchiha in the next image.

Photo: Twitter – @visualshonen

What did you think of these fanarts what do you imagine the anime of Naruto in the true style of Studio Ghibli?


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