This is what Kakashi Hatake would look like in the real world thanks to Naruto fanart

Naruto is ready to show us a different facet of Kakashi Hatake thanks to this spectacular fan art that brings you to the real world turning the copying ninja into a flesh and blood shinobi. The realistic illustration shows the character as you remember him, although it gives him a slight design change that is not bad at all.

When Kakashi doesn’t dresses like an ANBU hunter to revive old times, he also poses for incredible Naruto illustrations that give him a very particular style. In this case, the Konoha shinobi has been brought to our world with almost all his clothing ready for the battlefield. And the silver hair could not be missing as you will see in the fan art from, who shares his awesome work on Instagram so you don’t miss it on your profile.

Kakashi also reveals the full fury of the Sharingan in the eye that he usually wears covered with his mask, only now he almost completely uncovers his face to let us see his intimidating ninja look, although the Jounin uniform he always wears has been left elsewhere. Here we leave you the fanart of Naruto so you can take a look for yourself:


In addition to arriving in the real world, Kakashi has also revealed what he would look like. turned into a whole waifu with a spectacular fan art, proving that the copying ninja also has a very feminine side. And in addition to these spectacular illustrations, Naruto He has also left us other surprises. In this way we have the blonde ninja inspired smartphone of Konoha, bringing all of Kurama’s power to the palm of your hand.


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