This is what Naruto Uzumaki looks like with his Chunin uniform

The franchise of Masashi Kishimoto has followed the story of Naruto Uzumaki since he was a child, detailing the life of the future Seventh Hokage as he became Konoha’s savior while fighting countless villains along the way. However, the franchise still had many years that the series did not cover.

A fan artist has taken the opportunity to imagine what the Uzumaki would look like in a Chunin uniform, which would likely have been shown between the end of the Shippuden era and the beginning of Boruto. You can see both anime series on the Crunchyroll platform.

What would Chunin’s Naruto Uzumaki look like?

Reddit user Gusmaox shared this new take on the ninja, showing what the Seventh Hokage might have looked like during the years between Shippuden and Boruto in which he was finally able to pass the Genin level and begin his rise to become the next leader of Konoha.

The life of the Seventh Hokage has changed by leaps and bounds in both the anime and the manga after the fight against the head of the Kara Organization, Jigen. Recently, the anime of Boruto Episode 227 Will Remember the Past from the original Team 7.

Why does Kurama die in Boruto?

Kurama dies after depleting his chakra with Baryon Mode. In other words, forced to employ the use of a new transformation known as Modo Baryon, the Seventh Hokage had to say goodbye to the Nine-Tailed Fox that lived within him as a result of this power, which had killed Kurama in the process.

With the manga focusing on the battle against Code and the anime diving into a new set of Chunin Exams, Boruto’s dad is still struggling with the great loss, but he’s still one of the most powerful ninjas within Hidden Leaf Village.

Finally, The Truth News reminds you that the most recent Boruto manga in MANGA More of Shueisha, was that Naruto establishes Code’s true strength and now we enter the new mission of Shikamaru Nara.

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