This is why Sakura is the worst character in Naruto

Sakura is one of the most hated characters by fans of this franchise.

The naruto franchise has a large number of characters who have managed to transcend and earn the affection and appreciation of the lovers of this work, because thanks to their personalities and skills they have become quite popular.

However, not all the characters have the affection of the fans, since some to this day have been earned contempt of the followers of this series, since there are various factors that have caused this rejection towards them.

Sakura Haruno is one of these characters that still It doesn’t end up pleasing all the fans of this franchise for multiple reasons.

On the other hand, this is why Sakura is the worst naruto character. Next, we tell you the details.

He was very cruel to Naruto

Sakura was very unsympathetic towards Naruto, being really cruel on many occasions.

Sakura was very unsympathetic towards Naruto, being really cruel on many occasions.

From the beginning of this work, Sakura was one of the most harsh and unsympathetic with Naruto, because he was constantly criticizing him, judging him and treating him badly, since as much as he tried to please her, this young kunoichi did nothing but despise him.

It is well known that, early in the series, the Naruto’s attitude was a bit annoyingbecause he was always making jokes and lazing around most of the time, something that none of those who knew this ninja liked.

However, this young shinobi was only looking for ways to draw the attention of their peersand that they recognize him, since he had a rather lonely childhood when he was excluded from his village for being the carrier of a beast with tails, a stigma he had to deal with for quite some time.

Also, on several occasions, Sakura made it very clear that she did not feel no kind of love towards him, since it was evident that this kunoichi couldn’t stand being close to Naruto, which is why she constantly rejected him, since this young shinobi had declared his love for her.

Although Naruto was very nice to her to get her to like him, she got nothing but constant humiliation and teasing by Sakura who was very cruel to this young ninja.

His unwarranted obsession with Sasuke

Sakura had a huge obsession with Sasuke that was a bit sick for fans

Sakura had a huge obsession with Sasuke that was a bit sick for fans

Another reason why Sakura failed to be accepted by the fans was because of her sick obsession towards Sasukebecause on more than one occasion the young Uchiha tried to kill her and get her out of his way, since she seemed to him an extremely annoying person.

During the development of the series, Sasuke was never shown to have no kind of feeling towards Sakura, since he always preferred to avoid her at all costs. Also, this shinobi always made it clear that the only ones he respected were Naruto and Kakashi Hatake, his teacher.

However, respect for these two companions was not an impediment for Sasuke tried to kill them on multiple occasions, showing that he had no feelings or emotions towards them, since his only purpose was to consummate his revenge.

On the other hand, Sakura did not care about all the rejection she received from Sasuke, because her feelings they never changed towards him. Something that is quite crazy because this young uchiha apart from always completely ignoring her, also tried to kill her on several occasions.

Therefore, Sakura had a huge obsession towards Sasuke, because it is extremely illogical to continue having feelings towards a person who does not see you in the same way and who has even wanted to erase your existence on multiple occasions. This mania that this kunoichi had towards this ninja turned out to be quite harassing and unbearable, being very unpleasant for fans They did not see this situation with good eyes.

Also, we must remember that Sasuke and Sakura ended up being couples and forming a familysomething that the fans did not like very much, because they never saw from the Uchiha shinobi any kind of interest in this kunoichi, so they considered this somewhat forced union.

His arrogance and little help to team 7

At the beginning of the series, Sakura had a rather arrogant attitude that displeased the fans of this franchise.

At the beginning of the series, Sakura had a rather arrogant attitude that displeased the fans of this franchise.

Sakura has been one of the characters more arrogant that this series has had, because initially it always boasted of being very powerful when it never was, since it was normally a burden for its teammates who always had to come to his rescue.

Also, during the development of the series it was little contribution that Sakura did to the team, because she was always left behind, being surpassed by her teammates who were acquiring new incredible abilities every time.

It must be recognized that during Naruto Shippuden, Sakura obtained great abilities and a great development as a character, but it was not enough to be on par with his teammates that he was in another level of power.

Although he became a medical ninja who was quite relevant in the fourth ninja war, he didn’t seem to have progressed enoughleaving one Vacuum sensation in the fans who expected something more noticeable from this kunoichi.

It should be noted that his great arrogance is one of the main reasons for which Sakura is hated and considered one of the worst characters in Naruto. Fans of this work have declared on several occasions that they always saw it as useless and unnecessary in the most relevant events of the series.

Sakura will have a new opportunity to redeem herself

Sasuke Retsuden will be Sakura's new opportunity to redeem herself and win the love of fans

Sasuke Retsuden will be Sakura’s new opportunity to redeem herself and win the love of fans

Naruto has celebrated his anniversary #20 and he has done it by doing new commemorative projects that will take place after the events of Shippuden, narrating this story from another point of view.

It is necessary to remember that now with the new spin-off Sasuke RetsudenSakura has the chance to redeem yourself showing a role quite different from the usual one, since in Naruto his creator gave him less prominence than expected.

This new work will give Sakura a new chance to win the affection of the fans of this franchise, as this spin-off will show a different perspective of this characteraddressing a little more about his relationship with Sasuke Uchiha who will be the protagonist of this project.

It remains to wait for this story to unfold to see if Kunoichi is able to get rid of the bad image he got in the original series and endear himself to fans.