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Naruto is a series that has a large number of heroes and villains noted for their complex personalities.. Although characters like Naruto, Sakura or Sasuke have stolen the public’s attention and could be considered some of the favorites, there are others who are admired by their fans, so it should not be forgotten that each one has their respective qualities.

In this way, the characters could highlight their remarkable characteristics through the zodiac, so introducing them could imply a new identification or admiration on the part of the fans. As we mentioned, there are many Naruto characters that could be part of the twelve signs, but ScreenRant He has classified them in such a way that their representation is ideal to offer another perspective of the series of ninjas. And, of course, a fun way to understand the characters that make up the cast.

Aries: Kaguya Otsutsuki

Active and energetic, Kaguya Otsutsuki is known for her deep convictions to lead others to the promised land. Her strong character defines her quite well as an Aries and, thanks to her enormous confidence, Kaguya took charge of the situation and remained at the forefront of Otsutsuki’s operations on Earth. Even her role on Earth was something to remember, especially when they tried to stop the rule of such a temperamental character. As brave as she is sensible, Kaguya will do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Taurus: Naruto Uzumaki


Naruto’s firmness and disposition have perfectly defined him as the Taurus bull. His tragic history prompted him to achieve his highest aspiration: to become the best shinobi of his generation, to adopt the title of the seventh Hokage of the Konoha village. On the other hand, his restless character has led him not to stop on the road to success. And when it comes to fighting, he is always looking for a way to be the best. Thanks to his perseverance he was able to save Sasuke from himself.

Gemini: Sasuke Uchiha


This sign could be the best multitasker of the zodiac, thanks to their creativity and ingenuity. Sasuke represents the Gemini qualities very well when it comes to walking away from people if they hurt him or alternating his moods between happy and sad from one moment to another. His ability to adapt and find a balance between calm and chaos has allowed him to maintain a rational status in the face of panic. Although his interest is to communicate and establish a connection with others, he usually focuses on the logical plane. We can see this in Sasuke’s interactions with Sakura: even though her concerns are on her, he prioritizes distance over emotions.

Cancer: Sakura Haruno


Sakura is the exact definition of Cancer, because she has great sensitivity, but she doesn’t have to show it to others. An example of this is that Sakura’s typical shyness when courting Sasuke is a characteristic of Cancers, as is her emotional and protective nature towards him from the moment they manage to connect. On the other hand, few things are more imposing than a Cancer protecting her loved ones. Sagacious, with a great imagination and with many projects in mind, Sakura was the one who really made the plans of Team 7, as we could see in the fight against Kagura. Her inventive personality makes the difference.

Leo: Kurama


Kurama is quite well known as the “king” of the tailed beasts, thus he fits perfectly with a Leo. As he strives to maintain a positive attitude and a stunning appearance to others, his self-confidence inspires those around him. Thanks to the presence of Kurama in Naruto is that the protagonist is the one who has taken all the titles that translate into honor and leadership. Much like Leo, Kurama has a bird’s-eye view of success. And, after his close relationship, Kurama will give his all to help his friend Naruto achieve all his goals.



Despite having an extremely critical and direct nature, you have a willingness to help others. Therefore, Tsunade has a remarkable relationship with the qualities of Virgo, especially his inclination towards health, hygiene and the tendency to improve. The intelligence of this medical ninja is impressive, since precision is one of his most important traits when it comes to saving lives. Tsunade, like a good Virgo, demonstrated his abilities during his time as Hokage. When important decisions had to be made, the ninja was always careful to know all the details that would motivate her to do the right thing.

Libra: Hagoromo Otsutsuki


Kaguya’s son, Hagoromo, the Sage of the Six Paths, is the best figure representing Libra. He has a great sense of justice and cares about maintaining the balance between fairness and harmony. His constant struggle for thousands of years has given him results in pursuit of humanity. As a Libra, Otsutsuki’s hybridity allowed him to recognize the two sides of the coin between the fighting of the species to use it in his favor in the permanent conflict. In fact, Hagoromo, in front of Naruto, has been solicitous for the debate.

Scorpio: Itachi Uchiha

naruto itachi

Scorpio intensity is the most marked in the zodiac. Passionate and determined to achieve their goals, they are often seen as selfish and even evil. But, on the contrary, the reality is that they are only in a constant search of their interests, like the rest of the signs. Although, of course, the limits on this search can go further in order to be successful. In this way, Itachi Uchiha is the most suitable character to describe Scorpio. After taking down his own clan, he accepted negative emotions (such as hate) to accomplish his mission. While stamina is one of his main strengths, it could turn into foolishness if he doesn’t focus on improving his surroundings.

Sagittarius: Jiraiya


Jiraiya’s energy and enthusiasm are the perfect model for a Sagittarius. His love and admiration for nature have driven him to a free lifestyle. In terms of socializing him, other archers acknowledge that although he has an eccentric personality, he is friendly enough to relate positively to them. Although he is very cheerful and funny like all Sagittarius, when it comes to talent and suspicion, Jiraiya is one of the best. He is considered one of the wisest ninjas in the Konoha village.

Capricorn: Shikamaru Nara


Shikamaru Nara is one of the characters that best describes a Capricorn. His discipline and ambition characterize him from the beginning of the series, despite the fact that he was considered one of the characters whose progress was slow in relation to his friends. But Shikamaru proved everyone wrong when he became a leader. Hand in hand with intelligence and his skills with the main jutsu, an imitation of the shadow to immobilize his opponents, this ninja, through his techniques, demonstrates that he has the need to control his environment just like a capricorn would. .

Aquarius: Kakashi Hatake


Freedom is the word that defines an Aquarius. Their foolishness, self-confidence and insight will allow them to recognize themselves as a leader of Team 7. In the case of the Hokage Kakashi Hatake, intelligence and dedication do not prevent him from going out of the norm when it is necessary for his teammates to solve their own problems and, thus, grow. Kakashi’s methods may seem radical in the eyes of others, but his skills are just right for a demanding job.

Pisces: Hinata Hyuga


Sensitivity is one of the strengths of this sign, so, along with a great disposition, Hinata is the best example. One of the scenes that demonstrates his close relationship with the sign was when he confronted Pain in order to protect Naruto. An admirable fact considering that he tends to avoid confrontation. In the same way as Pisces, Hinata has been perceived as weak in character; however, her abilities to resolve some of her most awkward situations have positioned her as an exceptional shinobi.

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