This minimalist Itachi wallpaper from Naruto is all you need for your computer

The huge fan community of Naruto who frequents social networks does not hesitate for a second when showing others your dedication to this anime. From awesome tattoos until wallpapers for mobile, The truth is that there is enough material with which to put, in each of the aspects of our lives, a bit of the spirit of the most famous ninja of the Hidden Villa of the Leaf. If you were thinking of decorate your computer wallpaper with an image of Naruto, but the options you found did not quite convince you, you’re lucky.

Itachi’s awesome minimalist wallpaper made by a Reddit user

On the subreddit dedicated to Naruto, r/Naruto, a user under the name u / LucidNoMach has published a post titled «Minimal Itachi of Konoha NFT (My First NFT)«, In which you attach the image that you will see below:

Minimal Itachi of Konoha NFT (My First NFT) from Naruto

As you can see, it is neither more nor less than the Sasuke’s brother, Itachi Uchiha. The same one who was hunted by his brother for annihilating the entire Uchiha clan, and whose reasons for doing so were revealed much later, turning him into one of the characters most appreciated by fans of the series. The minimalist design of the wallpaperalso get a unique style to the picture, ideal for not loading your PC screen with an image that is too detailed.

It should also be noted that the image we have provided you it is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), a technology that has become very popular this year and has generated a lot of controversy on the Internet. Whether you are for or against NFTs, you will always have the option to download the post image by right-clicking on it and selecting the option “Save image as …”.