This Naruto character that fans love should never have existed

Kishimoto didn’t want this character and had never thought of drawing him until his editor convinced him. And yet, he is today his favorite character in the work.

It is 4th in the ranking of the best-selling manga in the world with its 250 million copies and its popularity is not decreasing. The cult manga who cradled childhood (and not only) of several generations has its share of anecdotes.

Kishimoto didn’t want it…

Originally, the famous creator of naruto didn’t want to create an antagonist in his manga. It was his publisher and friend who submitted the idea to him. According to him, it was necessary for the proper development of young Uzumaki that he could have a rival. Masashi Kishimoto did not want it and had never thought of creating this character but nevertheless, sasuke was born.

The doubts about its creation also explain why it only appears in the paper version in chapter 3 of the first volume, when it arrives from the first episode of the anime.

The mangaka was very uninspired when it was designed. In his original version, he presented him with many necklaces and ties around his arms and legs. But this look was eventually scrapped because it was too complicated to draw on a regular basis. He then preferred to move towards a more sober appearance contrasting with that of the main character. For the first name, things were simpler: it seems that the member of the Uchiwa clan owes it to the manga of Sanpei Shirato, a series that Kishimoto loves.

But he eventually became his favorite character

The one Kishimoto didn’t want is still today his favorite character from the work.

After claiming for a while that his favorites were Killer Bee and Chôji Akimichi, the mangaka finally changed his mind. Indeed, according to him the complexity of the drawing around the emotions of Sasuke is much more interesting. Also, the fact that he changes his outfit and haircut regularly is a proof of its importance for the author.