This Naruto Hinata Cosplay Is The Best You’ll See In A Long Time


HInata has been a key character in the Naruto anime.

Throughout these years it has been possible to see how Naruto has been one of the great anime and manga licensesthereby giving rise to the fact that, despite having ended years ago in both formats, fans keep in mind the flame of the orange jumpsuit ninjaso it is not uncommon to see how some come to create different works of all kinds.

It must be said that this includes from drawings, tattoos, figures and even statues (there are fans who have a career in engineering for pure statistics), but cosplays also come into play here, in fact it is very common for many of these artists to upload to their social networks or attend Japanese anime-themed events and manga characterized as these characters, being so recently we have been able to see Hinata more real than ever.

Hinata makes the leap to real life with this cosplay

In this case, the artist who has made this possible and that you can see below after all these lines is nadyasonik, who has been characterized as the character from Naruto who (be careful with the slight spoiler) ends up being the partner of one of the main characters. of the series as seen in Boruto, the continuation of the manga and anime starring Naruto’s son.

For all this, there is no doubt that the character is very well chosen, since, after all, Hinata is one of the most important characters in manga and animethereby giving rise to her coming from a very important ninja clan, in addition to being Himawari’s mother in Boruto.

Having said all this, it only remains to mention that it is quite likely that in the future we will see more cosplays of characters from the Naruto universe, so stay tuned to see the next characterization of any of the ninja in this manga and anime. Without further ado, you can see nadyasonik as Hinata below:

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