Three things that caused big changes in Naruto’s history

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga series within the Industry and it is that, for decades, it has presented us with characters that managed to win the affection of the fans from the first moment, although some others have earned hatred due to situations that arise throughout the history of Konoha.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that many of the events of Naruto happened (and could have been avoided) due to the secrets shared by only a few people. It can be said that thanks to them Naruto is alive and is the hero we know today, with his flaws and virtues. This time we bring you some of Naruto’s best-kept secrets that had a great impact on the series.

Naruto’s Secret Agreements

Throughout the Naruto series we have seen all kinds of trickery and trickery. For ninjas, however, keeping secrets was not only an acceptable practice, it was a necessary one. For this reason, even villages that had good relations with each other acted in bad faith when they were not observed.

We saw this when the Sand Village allied with the Sound for the attack on Konoha. Although it was all a deception by Orochimaru, the members of the Arena knew what was going to happen and they kept it to themselves, since that is how the ninjas acted.

But other villages went even further by secretly hiring the Akatsuki. The terrorist group that would eventually go after Naruto did these “unofficial” jobs to raise money to fund their future plans for world domination.

The use of the Akatsuki was a secret known only to certain people, and it is presumed that not everyone admitted it for political reasons. Onoki, the third Tsuchikage of Iwagakure, was one of the brave ones who admitted to hiring the Akatsuki multiple times to carry out secret assassinations.

Naruto’s grotesque eye secret

Hiruzen Sarutobi led Konoha with a kind and considerate hand. However, it also took a heavy hand from time to time, giving rise to a secret group that changed the events of Naruto forever. In the shadows of Konoha, an organization known as Root was in charge of leading the Anbu.

Everything they did was secret, and although they claimed to want to protect the village, many of their actions were questionable. But the biggest secret was hidden by Root’s leader, Danzō Shimura. Danzō made all the difficult decisions for “the good of the village”.

However, in reality he was nothing but a coward and an envious man. Danzō always wanted to be the hero, the leader of Konoha and the strongest, so he did all kinds of tricks. In the series we see him with his arms and part of his face covered in bandages.

This secret shocked many in Naruto, because it was as base as it was grotesque. What he hid behind the bandage were the eyes of the massacred members of the Uchiha Clan implanted in his arm. With them he had the ability to cheat death, though he was only able to do so a few times.

The secret identity of Naruto’s father

If you’ve seen Naruto, you’ve probably been angry to see how the village comes together to reject an orphan boy who has done nothing wrong. Why so much unjustified hate? Well, as only adults knew, the young Uzumaki kept a demon inside.

But the village leaders kept a secret about Naruto that had surely impressed many. It turns out that the village orphan was none other than the fourth Hokage’s son, Minato Namikaze, and one of the few survivors of the powerful Uzumaki clan.

The reason no one knew about it was to protect Naruto. Minato was a war hero with many enemies who would undoubtedly want revenge, not to mention that Naruto carried a power that others coveted. This secret has been so well kept that it is not entirely clear who knew about it, as it was a taboo subject, and it was even illegal to talk about it.

The high command knew it, Kakashi and the three sages, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru. Over time more people found out, including Sakura and the rest of Naruto’s friends, but it was Hiruzen who carried the secret for years.