Top 10 Most Fan-Favorite Naruto Characters

Whether you like manga or not, it is undeniable that Naruto has played for many years in the big leagues in terms of Shōnen manga, and is one of the most popular anime in the world. The adventures of the demon child and his fellow ninjas have upset many teenagers and young adults for a long decade.

Update: This Naruto article was posted on September 20, 2018 and was updated on January 19, 2021.

The fans of Naruto know it well, it is almost impossible to make a top of the best characters of Japanese comics there are so many. However, 10 protagonists have particularly marked the minds of aficionados of the manga.

10. Jiraiya

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The perverse hermit seems stupid and completely alcoholic at first glance, but he turns out to be a member of the legendary trio alongside the beautiful Tsunade and Orochimaru. Naruto becomes his godson from the first episode of the manga, after he trained his father for many years.

9. Gaï

gai naruto

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The Taijutsu specialist is Kakashi’s greatest rival but also one of his closest friends, and beneath his ridiculous appearance he possesses incredible strength. He is Rock Lee’s biggest idol who only lives to impress him. He seems cool, but can quickly become terrifying if you attack his family or his village.

8. Madara


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Madara is a legendary leader of the Uchiha clan. He founded Konoha Hidden Village with his childhood friend Hashirama, who later becomes his greatest enemy. He is considered one of the greatest shinobis that ever existed!

7. Neji

Neji naruto

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Neji is part of the Hyūga clan, which he hates because of their responsibility for his father’s death. He learns later that he has in fact sacrificed himself of his own free will. Considered a genius by his abilities, Neji, like his cousin Hinata, has the Byakugan which allows him to have a extraordinary view.

6. Gaara

gaara naruto

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Gaara is a ninja from the hidden village of Sand. First introduced as a schizophrenic psychopath, he becomes one of the main protagonists of the story. Like Naruto, he has a demon sealed within him, and grew up alone. In the second part of Naruto, he becomes Kazekage, the title of chief of his village.

5. Shikamaru


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The biggest sloth in history is actually one of the greatest strategists of his generation. His intelligence and ability to think under pressure allow him to get out of the most dangerous situations and make him an excellent ninja. He seems cowardly, but willingly sacrifices himself when it comes to protecting the village and his comrades.

4. Itachi

Itachi naruto

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In the first episodes of Naruto, Sasuke has only one thing in mind: to kill this man who is none other than his big brother. Itachi indeed slaughtered all the members of the Uchiha clan before fleeing, and left Sasuke behind. It is later discovered that Itachi actually stopped his family from performing a coup against Konoha!

3. Sasuke


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Last survivor of the Uchiha clan in Konoha, Sasuke grows up with a thirst for revenge against his brother. The more the story progresses, the more Sasuke becomes a dark character and ends up leaving the village. He later allies himself with the Akatsuki, a criminal organization actively sought out by the ninja. As he succeeds in killing his brother, he realizes that the latter was not the monster he has hated all his life, and swears to destroy Konoha. Psychologically unstable, he does not know where his loyalty goes but ends up understanding that he had to protect his birthplace.

2. Naruto


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And no, the eponymous character is not the most popular with fans! However, it reached second place and we understand why. Naruto is the host of Kyûbi, the Nine-Tailed Demon-Fox locked in his body by the Fourth Hokage (and incidentally his father), which earned him the rejection and mockery of his childhood comrades. Naruto has nothing of the gifted child, but has great determination and knew how to prove his worth through fights more dangerous than each other. Trained by Jiraiya, Naruto has had only one dream since childhood, to become Hokage (head of his village).

1. Kakashi


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First mentor of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, Kakasi occupies an important place in the life of the 3 teenagers. He is nicknamed the Copier Ninja, because he has the same Sharingan as the Uchiha and therefore the same abilities. Solitary, often calm and detached, Kakashi teaches his students the team spirit that he himself lacked in his youth. In particular, he takes Sasuke under his wing, and teaches him the powerful technique of the Thousand Birds that he himself invented. He became the 6th Hokage of the village of Konoha, followed by Naruto who then fulfilled his lifelong dream…

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