Top 3 Naruto figurines to slip under the Christmas tree

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These figurines are the perfect gift for a Naruto fan this Christmas

What is the big trend among the younger generation at the moment? Anime and manga of course. Coming straight from Japan, children and teenagers swear by these illustrations on paper or screen with very specific codes. In this area, one of the favorite universes is none other than Naruto. And it is more particularly the Shippuden version that breaks records. So, to be sure to please your Japanese culture fan, bet on these Naruto figurines at Christmas.

1. Unmissable 25% sale for this Bandai Naruto Shippuden figure

Swirling Orb!!! If your child spends his time shouting these words and associating them with strange signs, look no further, you are dealing with a Naruto fan. But not just any Naruto, the Shippuden version where the heroes have become teenagers. Much darker, this anime is clearly a hit. And the emblematic character remains of course the one who gives his name to the series, Naruto.

So to please your fan of the anime, give him this Naruto Shippuden figurine from Bandai without hesitation. Its promotion on Amazon should also finish convincing you. It is indeed offered at €19.99 instead of €26.66. A 26% reduction not to be missed. Such a product at less than 20 € is a bargain.

Naruto is ready to fight

Your child will be able to reproduce the mythical scenes of the anime with this Naruto Shippuden figurine from Bandai

Buy Bandai’s Naruto Shippuden Figure for $19.99 at Amazon

Naruto needs your child’s help! He must indeed fight the terrible Orochimaru and he needs the best team at his side. Even on December 25, crime does not wait! It is with this 17 cm Naruto Shippuden figurine that your little one will be able to recreate the mythical scenes of the series. Really realistic, this toy has all the characteristics of the real character. He also stands in hermit mode to maximize his skills.

Fully articulated, 6 hands are included to replicate Naruto’s signature gestures. And the Swirling Orb had to be at his side. It’s not the real Naruto otherwise! He can also throw his famous kunai in face-to-face combat. The duel will begin soon.

2. Unmissable 33% discount for this Sasuke Naruto Shippuden figure

Dark Sasuke has become one of the hottest expressions around Gen Z right now. They use it to refer to someone who looks depressed and gloomy. It’s a feat to see him smile! A few words that prove how much anime culture has conquered young people, and in particular the universe of Naruto. So, if your child or teenager is also a “Dark Sasuke”, this Sasuke Naruto Shippuden figurine from Bandai is the ideal gift. It also has a great promotion on Amazon. You will no longer pay €26.66 but only €17.99. A very attractive reduction of 33%. Impossible to miss these more than 10 € savings.

A Thousand Birds technique to reproduce

Your child will love reproducing the Thousand Birds technique with this Sasuke figure from Naruto Shippuden

Buy Bandai’s Sasuke Naruto Shippuden Figure on Amazon for $17.99

He is Naruto’s best friend-enemy. As a child, his dark side made girls crack and exasperated boys. teen, sound heart and his mind oscillate between good and evil. This enigmatic character fascinates fans of the series… Like your child or teenager surely. With this Sasuke Naruto Shippuden figure, he can imagine his favorite scenes in his own way. He wears his classic outfit from the series in the characteristic purple. As for Naruto, he has 6 hands to reinterpret his famous movements to trigger his attacks. The Thousand Birds technique is just waiting for your child or teenager!

3. Delight Naruto fans with this Kakashi Hatake figure from Goodsmile

He will have followed Naruto since his childhood by being his sensei in the mythical team 7. He therefore has a very special bond with the hero of the series. Which makes him a very popular character among Naruto fans. His name, they must know him by heart. It is of course Kakashi Hatake. And one of the most emblematic characters of the manga must necessarily have its place in the room of your child or teenager. With this Goodsmile Kakashi Hatake figurine, it will be done. Its accessible price displayed at €24.77 also makes it the ideal gift to put under the tree on the evening of December 24.

An articulated figure for hours of fun

Vitre enfant opoyrra reproduce mythical scenes of Naqruto with this Kakashi Hatake figurine from Goodsmile

Buy this Goodsmile Kakashi Hatake Figure for $24.77 on Amazon

Konoa’s White Fang is asking your child for a very special mission. Naruto is in a very bad position against Orochimaru, he needs reinforcements. His mythical sensei therefore calls on you. Armed with his kunai, Kakashi Hatake is ready to fight. Its 22 points of articulation allow it to recreate truly realistic combat scenes for a maximized gaming experience. And what would a sensei be without his characteristic gestures to use his power. An extra removable hand is there for that! This box comes with a collector’s card, a real plus for collectors!

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