Top 5 best kept secrets in Naruto anime

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the industry, so many fans around the world have delved further into the beloved ninja world, and are always looking for various data related to their favorite characters. , so today we will go into a Top 5 of the best kept secrets of anime.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that the secrets in Naruto are one of the elements that have given the series the most value. Thanks to them we have had exciting revelations that have constantly made us smile or fill us with rage.

Many of the events in Naruto happened (and could have been avoided) due to secrets shared by only a few people. It can be said that thanks to them Naruto is alive and is the hero we know today, with his flaws and virtues.

The true nature of beasts

This Naruto secret is more of a strategic deception. For years people were led to think that tailed beasts were demons. He even lied to himself saying that they appeared from time to time like natural disasters to destroy everything. In reality, the beasts are huge manifestations of chakra that have outlived humanity.

But because they can be used as weapons of war, the authorities kept all information related to the beasts secret. Throughout the series the secret is revealed to Naruto’s friends who need to protect him from the Akatsuki. The unprecedented events of this story lead to the entire ninja world finding out, which to those who participated in the war still feels like an unbelievable dream.

Kushina’s birth

This is not only one of Naruto’s best kept secrets, but perhaps the most significant for the entire series. Rarely in Naruto is a woman chosen as Jinchūriki. The reason is that during childbirth, the seal that keeps the beast inside her weakens and allows it to escape, killing the recipient.

This was the reason why Kushina Uzumaki’s due date was kept secret. Those were relatively happy times, but Minato and Sarutobi believed that one couldn’t be too cautious about these things, and they were right. Only a select group of trusted people knew about Kushina’s birth and the effect it would have on the seal.

These include the third Hokage and advisors, Minato, Kakashi, and a couple of bodyguards and members of the medical staff. However, Obito used his power to watch them like a ghost and was able to find out about the birth. He patiently waited for the right moment and intervened to release the Nine-Tailed Fox. The leak of this secret gave rise to the tragic family history of Naruto that we know today.

The mysterious man behind the mask

Among Naruto’s best kept secrets, this is one of the most heartbreaking, as it is the story of when a good person has nothing to hold on to when reality hits them. Obito Uchiha was one of Kakashi Hatake’s classmates along with Rin. He was a kind, thoughtful, smiling boy full of potential. It was he who taught Kakashi the famous phrase:

“In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum. But those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.” So Obito Uchiha had everything it took to be the protagonist of Naruto, before the accident that changed everything. Obito died in combat, and with his last words, he gave his best eye to Kakashi, entrusting him with the dreams of him.

Kakashi always remembered Obito as a better version of himself, and tried to honor his death. But the reality is that Obito survived to see his dreams destroyed, a secret that only two people in the world knew: the dying Madara Uchiha and Zetsu. After witnessing Rin’s death, Obito became the masked man, one of Naruto’s most powerful villains.

The secret behind Itachi and the Uchiha massacre

Probably the most shocking and best-kept Naruto secret is the truth about Itachi Uchiha and the disappearance of his clan. From the beginning of the series it is established that Sasuke Uchiha wants to avenge his family and his clan, who were killed by his older brother.

Many fans wanted to think that deep down Itachi was good, but the possibility was quite low knowing what he did. Still, Naruto surprised us with a real reveal. The truth is that Itachi did kill his clan, but following orders from the village in order to avoid a war.

His clan was about to start a revolt that would take many innocent lives, so Itachi decided on the route that would save the most people. It is one of the secrets of Naruto that less people knew: only the third Hokage, Danzou and the two old advisors, as well as Obito, who watched everything from the shadows.

The harsh reality of the ninja world

Throughout the series we meet all kinds of powerful characters. It is true that many times they had different goals or thoughts, but they all fought for their own causes to the point of being willing to die for them. But what does it mean to be a ninja/shinobi? Sasuke Uchiha searched for the answer for a long time, although his conclusions are not entirely clear.

We have seen different ninjas have their own interpretations: some seek peace through war, others use chakra to protect their villages. However, Naruto’s biggest secret is the origin of the ninjas. It turns out that chakra has always been energy stolen from a celestial tree, brought into the world by an alien being.

In fact, the humans were nothing more than food for said tree, which would serve as the basis for a fight between the Otsutsuki. The only reason humans are still alive and able to use jutsus instead of being tree debris is because Kaguya Otsutsuki’s plans were ruined by her own children. That is the harsh reality of the ninja world.

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