TOP 5 of the saddest and most emotional moments of the Naruto anime

All Naruto fans have been amazed by the amazing story that this anime and manga presents to us, in which we can see the path that Naruto Uzumaki and the other ninjas have traveled. This is why today we have prepared something worthy for all red-bone fans of the now Seventh Hokage.

Do you want to know some of the most shocking scenes of the Naruto saga? Join us on this journey through history and relive Naruto’s saddest and most emotional moments. The series focused on the boy who dreamed of becoming Hokage kept us in front of the TV for a long time and seeing him fulfill that dream in his adulthood fills us with so many illusions.

Without a doubt Naruto, is one of the anime that had everything. And all of this would be like this for over a decade, that’s how important Naruto was to each of us, but why did we like Naruto so much? In addition to the visually appealing series, it also featured a compelling story that mixed action, comedy, and emotional moments.

This allowed Naruto to become one of the most important anime in all of history. Regarding emotional moments, in the latter we want to emphasize today. This is a TOP 5 of the saddest and most emotional moments of the Naruto anime, a story that still remains in our hearts.

Iruka recognizes Naruto

Naruto, who was hated and detested by the people of his village, would be manipulated by Mizuki into stealing a scroll, but Iruka would discover his plan and go to his aid, however, upon reaching them he was attacked by the traitor and was seriously injured. , so when he was helpless, the ninja revealed to Naruto the truth about who he was and why everyone hated him.

Naruto knowing that within him was the Kyubi did not know what to do, but Iruka’s words would calm him and help him defeat Mitzuki, telling him that he was Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja from the Village Hidden Among the Leaves, not the Nine-Tailed Fox, thus recognizing him for who he really was.

Naruto defends Tsunade

The meeting between the so-called Sannin was destined, so when they finally met the confrontation quickly arose.

However, Tsunade for some time would have lost all will to fight, she was only running away, for this when she was attacked by Kabuto, Naruto did not hesitate to face her and receive the blow with her ninja forehead protector, demonstrating her bravery to Tsunade by doing the Rasengan and defeating Orochimaru’s servant.

Itachi’s death

Itachi for Sasuke would always have been the enemy to defeat, seeking to overcome him, he left the village and tried to become stronger, for this reason when the moment of the battle destined between the brothers arrived, we thought he could face it, however, this was not the case, Itachi would allow himself to be defeated and die at the hands of his brother, but not before revealing the truth that he had always loved him.

Naruto meets his mother

Naruto within himself could meet a woman, although he thought that this was the true form of the Kyubi, the truth is that this was none other than Kushina, his mother, who hit him hard to explain who he really was, but before For her to tell him, he realized it was his mother and then he could only pounce on her to hug him.

The last battle between Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke would have faced each other numerous times, but their most important battle would undoubtedly be in the Valley of the End, where it all began.

Naruto would defeat Sasuke by finally saving him and bringing him back, as he promised to Sakura, thus ending his story, not before fulfilling his dream of becoming Hokage at the end of the anime / manga series, although his wedding with Hinata.