Top 5 things that made the Naruto anime so successful

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the world, with a myriad of chapters from both the manga and anime, as well as movies and a sequel called Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, so fans have become attached to it. this production to the extent that today we will show you 5 things that made the Naruto anime so successful.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that, when we talk about anime, the beloved ninja and his dream of becoming Hokage quickly come to mind, which is why he has positioned himself in much of popular culture. This time we show you some secrets that made the Naruto series an undoubted success among anime fans.

Unique and charismatic characters

Naruto is one of those few series where it’s hard to pick a favorite character from its extensive cast. This is because each leading member of the ninja world has been very well designed, with their own backstories and goals in life. Of course, this rule does not hold true for every person in the series. Still, Naruto has enough characters to connect with fans.

interesting powers

In the fantasy genre and especially in shonen, the magic system is usually one of the main points that determine the success of the series. Whether it’s defined from the start with elemental rules, or has unlimited resources, it’s important that the magic system is interesting. In this aspect, Naruto brought us something quite fresh.

The powers in Naruto are based on the “chakra”, the elemental energy that unites all living beings. There are those who are born with more chakra than others, which in turn allows them to perform techniques or “jutsus” through combinations of hands.

This opened the doors for Naruto to have more interesting fighting interactions and character development. Ninjas with more chakra have more abilities, but there are also others who are stronger with less. On the other hand, some have no chakra at all and make up for it with physical strength. There is a whole universe of attractive possibilities for the spectators.

A memorable soundtrack

Although the manga was already popular, the anime certainly launched Naruto into new dimensions, and even introduced many people to the world of Japanese animation. Part of the success is due to its distinctive soundtrack that allows viewers to get excited by the motivational tones, or fear that something is going to happen with the music of the Akatsuki.

Also, Naruto has some of the most popular openings and endings with exciting themes like Omae Dattanda, For You, Toumei Datta Sekai, Distance, Diver or Broken Youth. As if that were not enough, these songs are accompanied by incredible animations with exceptional quality.

An exciting plot

Naruto’s story borrows heavily from Japanese folklore, exploring its mythology and adding modern touches where possible. The protagonist has an evil demon within him, and it seems that the plot will be about his inner struggle against the nine-tailed fox to finally become Hokage.

However, as the series progresses, the story takes multiple new directions. The immature boy sees the need to become an adult, and as he matures, his previous goals take a backseat. More basic themes such as friendship and perseverance take on a greater role.

Naruto has to travel getting stronger in order to save what is most important to him: his ties with other people. Impossible to watch the series without worrying about the fate of Naruto and the rest of the characters. This makes the plot extremely exciting and memorable.

Epic moments

From the plot twists to the showdowns, Naruto made his mark on anime history with his shocking epic moments that make you jump out of your chair or scream without realizing it.

This characteristic is common in the shonen, but in Naruto it stands out more for the depth that the other moments of the series have. The anime is charged with a balance of comedy and tension, resulting in catharsis when the epic scene arrives where viewers can either laugh or cry.