Top 5 worst things that happened to Naruto Uzumaki’s character

All fans of Naruto anime and manga have seen the main character go through hard times, in which Naruto has really suffered, without forgetting everything that is presented to us at the beginning of the story, surely more than one was sad with the various scenes of melancholy in the anime.

The landscape of anime and manga was dominated by three series, among which is Naruto. People love Naruto because he is about friendship and determination. He also tells an interesting story with fairly well written characters. It also has a lot of action, and Naruto Uzumaki has been involved in several high level battles.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that the mangaka Masashi Kishimotom initially wanted to create a character that would be “simple and stupid”, although he later endowed him with a “dark past” to, in his own words, make him unique.

Naruto started out as a troublemaker who wanted to become Hokage so people would recognize him. As the series progresses, he becomes more mature and ends up achieving his dream, but for nobler reasons. Like other protagonists, Naruto’s life is not always joyful. He too has had his share of difficulties.

Pain’s invasion was full of horrors

Pain is considered by many to be the best villain in the series and is arguably the darkest character Naruto ever faced. Pain was the name Nagato used, and it reflected all the pain he suffered from war and conflict. Pain invaded the Leaf Village in search of Naruto.

While there, he destroyed most of the village with his Almighty Thrust. When Naruto returned, he was devastated by the destruction, but he also learned that Kakashi had died. During the battle, he watched as Pain killed Fukasaku and impaled Hinata before his eyes.

Losing Kurama was like losing a part of himself.

Boruto fans have seen a number of unique fights, but the final showdown between Naruto and Isshiki Otsutsuki really stands out. It was during this fight that Kurama offers Naruto a final solution: a new transformation called Barion Mode. This form consumed Kurama and Naruto’s chakras to create new energy similar to nuclear fusion.

Naruto was led to believe that this mode would kill them both, but Kurama lied because he knew Naruto would never agree to sacrifice the Tailed Beast’s life. Naruto cried as Kurama faded away. This loss hurt him a lot because he and Kurama had been together their entire lives.

Neji’s death in his arms made the war all too real.

When Neji and Naruto first met, they were enemies who had different views on fate, but they ended up becoming good friends. The Fourth Great Ninja War was the first time that the Konoha 11 faced an actual war and all had to deal with the losses associated with it.

During the battle with the Ten-Tails Neji, he sacrificed himself to save Naruto’s life by jumping in front of some wooden projectiles. These projectiles passed through Neji’s body. After saying a few words, he died in Naruto’s arms.

Losing Jiraiya was like losing a father.

Jiraiya was one of the Legendary Sannin who was asked to become Hokage more than once. He is the man who taught Nagato and Minato, and when the time came, he became Naruto’s sensei as well. He was also Naruto’s godfather.

He may have been a pervert, but Jiraiya was a well-spoken ninja who cared deeply for Naruto. To Naruto, he was like the father he never had. Jiraiya died fighting Pain in the Rain Village. Although Naruto wasn’t there, Jiraiya’s death affected him greatly, to the point of being almost inconsolable.

He witnessed the apparent death of his son before his eyes

Many believe that Boruto has done great harm to Naruto by weakening him, but he is still one of the strongest ninjas in the world. As Hokage, Naruto’s goal is to protect the village, but he also needs to protect the family from him, especially Boruto.

Momoshiki Otsutsuki managed to implant his DNA into Boruto’s body, an act that made him a vessel for the rebirth of the Otsutsuki. During the battle with Code, Boruto’s body was about to be taken and he gave Kawaki the go-ahead to kill him to prevent it. Naruto was there, and he saw his son motionless on the ground with a hole in his chest. In the end, Boruto was saved, but Naruto nonetheless experienced the greatest pain of a father.