Top 50 funniest tweets about Naruto, the best manga in the world

Born in the late 90s, naruto quickly presented itself as a cult manga, popularized by its anime adaptation. A work signed Masashi Kishimoto which is now integral part of Pop Culture. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Pain, Orochimaru or even Madara, emblematic characters whose adventures readers/viewers have followed for more than a decade. A monument of the manga which is also found on the side of Twitter. The twittos are in love with it, it’s time for us to share with you the 50 funniest tweets on narutothe best manga in the world.


sasuke when he took his shower avoiding taking the soap by orochimaru

July 30, 2022


I just came across a naruto thing in portugal, I was so happy but please ptdrrrrrrrrr watch out for shikamaru’s head

July 29, 2022


POV: you show Naruto to your offspring “Hey but he’s the guy in Fortnite”

July 28, 2022


The power of this edit is too high level

The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki

July 26, 2022


I’m dead, it wants to destroy all of Naruto

July 24, 2022


I just remembered that a guy at my university said to me “a girl who really likes anime doesn’t exist, it’s a fad to please guys” and just afterwards said to me “oh your background ‘screen that’s naruto too cool’ while it was spirited away

July 5, 2022


Sasuke, he’s crazy, when he met Rock Lee at the academy, he said “you know who I am? I’m Sasuke from the high line of Uchiha”. He unpacked his prize list like Denerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, he got tarred the minute after mdrrrr

June 22, 2022


Naruto after tasting killer bee’s mafé

June 12, 2022


“Ninjas must be discreet”


June 5, 2022


Even Naruto didn’t run after Sasuke like that

May 19, 2022


i swear naruto has done more for the fight against bullying than national education

May 1, 2022


Orochimaru when he captured Sasuke to take him to his refuge

April 28, 2022


Sasuke he has a rinnegan and a Sharingan, instead of sending an atomic bomb he does Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Deserved defeat

April 27, 2022


my 21 year old brother starts Naruto with almost 0 spoilers to his credit, you can imagine the madness he will experience there

April 26, 2022


pov: your shab who loves naruto too much

April 21, 2022


At this stage the only person who little reasoned Putin is Naruto

February 24, 2022


I didn’t know that Sakura was hanging out with Orochimaru

February 15, 2022


This lady, who came to get a manga for her grandson:
-Naruto, do you have that? Volume 25
– But there are others after that?
-Yes it’s a series in 72 volumes

A real exclamation from the depths of the outraged heart. Very impressive

January 28, 2022


Naruto who puts his family aside for his work

January 25, 2022


The Akatsuki who was waiting for Naruto and Gaara in the mountains when they went to see the Snow Princess

January 21, 2022


When I’m 90 and lost my mind I could watch Naruto, Attack on Titan and Game of Thrones like it’s the first time

January 15, 2022


Sasuke when he came to the kage council

January 10, 2022


Orochimaru when he was ready to kill Sasuke’s neck

January 2, 2022


Gaara when he arrived in Konoha for the exam

December 29, 2021


Give me a character from Naruto who respected gender equality as much as Neji, he caught Hinata in 1 vs 1 he screwed him up like he was a 28 year old man

December 29, 2021


In 3 years Orochimaru taught Sasuke dozens of forbidden jutsus, summons etc while Jiraiya gave Naruto a FootKorner set

December 27, 2021


Ptdrrr don’t forget Hinata she preferred to treat Naruto’s scratches while her friend Kiba was in a coma

December 26, 2021


Hinata when she met Naruto in the village

December 16, 2021


There are some they said it’s Naruto and Sasuke

December 10, 2021


Jiraiya and orochimaru when he hangs out together

December 7, 2021


Sasuke when he infiltrated the kage council

November 25, 2021


There’s a guy from my class who kissed me, it’s not right after he says “I really advise you not to get attached to me” ptdrrrr ok dark Sasuke ?????

November 21, 2021


When children will say “Ahh but Naruto is the skin in fortnite !!” :

November 17, 2021


Naruto and Sasuke who went to fight after the war on the statues of Hashirama and Madara

November 14, 2021


Kakashi: “A ninja must be discreet”

Naruto during the war:

November 10, 2021


People who played Deidara on Naruto Storm, what do you become? Unemployed I guess

October 25, 2021


Is there really “Ninja” written in Rock Lee’s hair there? Mdrr

October 25, 2021


Pizza met the same fate as Konoha Village after Pain’s invasion

September 18, 2021


Naruto explaining to Minato how to do a Rasengan

September 14, 2021


Sasuke he brought it back to the akatsuki saying it was killer B

September 8, 2021


Obito who returns to take revenge by declaring the 4th great ninja war

August 26, 2021


Killer bee when Naruto asked him for help to find Sasuke

August 26, 2021


Naruto: “Tell mom I love her, I wash myself every day, I eat well, and I have lots of friends so she doesn’t have to worry about me”

August 1, 2021


Naruto as a child when he asked others out

July 23, 2021


Tsunade when jiraiya left to bang against bread

May 4, 2021


Sasuke when he returned home after Itachi’s massacre of his clan

April 26, 2021


Naruto when he returned from his training on Mount Myōboku

April 11, 2021


The Akatsuki they raided shinobi villages in pairs and they fucked the strongest in the village without a hitch and you compare them to people their track record is having a spider tattoo on their back

March 11, 2021


Still one of the saddest scenes in Naruto…

March 2, 2021


Naruto after Shueisha censorship

January 8, 2021

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