UniqueSora becomes Hinata from Naruto Shippuden with two incredible cosplays

The popular cosplayer UniqueSora has stated on multiple occasions that he is a fan of Naruto, and for that reason Hinata He is one of the characters he has played the most times. Although on most occasions he showed us his version of Hinata in Naruto Shippuden, UniqueSora is known for taking creative liberties when it comes to making cosplay.

The first time the cosplayer UniqueSora posted a cosplay of Hinata in her version of Naruto Shippuden It was in August 2019, in a post that was very well received by his fans, with some saying it made the character look even better. Although her participation in the anime and manga of Naruto is not as much as that of the protagonists, Hinata was positioned as the most popular female character in the polls where fans voted.

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UniqueSora She introduced us to another version of that cosplay next month, where we saw her with a Naruto Shippuden plush in her arms. It took half a year for the cosplayer to disguise herself as Hinata Hyuga, but this time with one of her dresses, taking creative liberties that didn’t seem to bother their fans.

The last time that UniqueSora presented us with a cosplay of Hinata It was earlier this year, when he repeated the outfit of Naruto shippuden but this time with the zipper open. Although Hinata’s cosplay in dress seems to be the favorite of his followers, the last one UniqueSora shared is the following.

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Since then UniqueSora he has not disguised himself as Hinata and it is difficult to know if she will play Naruto’s now wife again, since she generally uploads new content on her platforms, such as her cosplay de Nezuko Kamado de Demon Slayer or the cosplay de Mary Jane de Spider-Man.