UniqueSora makes cosplay of the Naruto girls: Ino, Mei Terumi, Hinata and Rin

In the scene of cosplay It is very common to see video game, anime and manga costumes, but if there is a series that predominates over the others in recent years it is Naruto. The cosplayer UniqueSora has said on multiple occasions that she is an anime fan, which has led her to portray various Masashi Kishimoto characters as Rin, Hinata, Mei Terumi e Ino.

If there is something that distinguishes the manga Kishimoto’s is the wide variety of characters, each one with designs with unique traits that were impressed by fans. Thanks to this, cosplayers have taken the opportunity to bring Naruto characters to life, as we can see with UniqueSora en su cosplay de Mei Terumi, the fifth Mizukage.

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One of the most important characters for the plot of Naruto is Rin, a kunoichi who was a companion of Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha when they were young, under the mantle of Minato Namikaze, who would become the fourth Hokage. Even if UniqueSora says she was not satisfied with her Rin cosplay, she says she likes the character so much that she couldn’t help but post it.

Another cosplay that did not convince UniqueSora but still decided to publish it is that of Ino Yamanaka, whom we have known since the beginning of the manga. “I know I don’t have his real costume but I like to do casual versions of the characters,” he said in his post. According to UniqueSora, one of her hobbies is imagining what modern clothes her favorite characters would wear.

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One of the Naruto fan favorite cosplays is from UniqueSora as Hinata, in Shippuden version. If you like how it looks, I invite you to see the others Hinata cosplays by UniqueSora, because also with this character he took some creative liberties when choosing the costumes.

These are some of the Naruto girls cosplays What have you done UniqueSora, but there is still more to do. If you like her work, I recommend that you follow her on her social networks, as she usually publishes a new cosplay at least once a month.