Vice President of ‘Overwatch 2’ considers collaborations like Naruto’s with ‘Fortnite’

Lunity is strength, and if today you want your franchise or business or movie or series or game or whatever to succeed, you need the validation of another one that is well established, so you will make their fandom flow to your brand and give you a chance. And it seems to work, even if you are one of the companies with the worst reputation in recent months in the entertainment world and you are trying to attract one of the most loyal fandoms that exist, that of Naruto. Will Blizzard be able to give Overwatch 2 a good boost?

A collaboration between ‘Naruto’ and ‘Overwatch 2’ is very possible

This will sound ridiculous, but sounds less ridiculous than it did, say, a year ago, when even the release of Naruto characters within Fortnite were still a rumor. After many months of alleged leaks and assumptions, finally in mid-November the characters of this nime released their skins in Fortniteand the type of animation convinced everyone so much that for that reason This year the Dragon Ball characters were able to make their debut.

Therefore, in a recent interview with Game Informer cwith the vice president of Overwatch 2, Jon Spector, was asked about some of the sustainable tactics they were planning to keep the game as a free title. And that’s when Spector blurted out:

We’ve seen some really fun examples out there of games that work with other brands or other games. I’m a huge anime nerd myself. I think it’s super cool when I see Naruto appear in Fortnite. I don’t even play Fortnite, but that’s awesome. And if we look into the Overwatch 2 space, those are the things we’re interested in exploring. If and when we do that, one of our key values ​​is to do it in a way that feels tailor-made for the Overwatch franchise.

Jon Spector.

Overwatch 2 have a free Battle Pass (here we explain how to work that) but will also have a premium Battle Pass, which is what will be sold to players and allow the game to pay money back to Blizzard, and the only way to make it attractive to be bought by players, according to Spector, it is precisely if some juicy collaborations are offered like that of Naruto and Fortnite. The vice president also assured that there will be new content in the game every nine weeks and that the first season will have cosmetic content in the style of the game. cyberpunk. Will you play Overwatch 2?