What are all the Hidden Villages in the world of Naruto

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga series of all time and its narrative arc takes place in a very interesting universe where the story focuses on ninja wars, so the villages and sides can be so varied that many do not know.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that unless you are a fan of Red Bone Naruto who has seen all the episodes, I do not think you know all the villages in the ninja world. For a long time there have been several confrontations between different villages, which are distributed by different countries that represent a specific type of skill.

In the anime we can see that Naruto is part of the village of the leaf, but we also see many members from other areas who represent where they come from with a ribbon that bears the symbol of their village.

There are 25 villages in total that are officially known, of which 5 are considered the “Great Villages”, which contain the Kages of the Hidden Village of the Leaf, Rock, Sand, Fog and Clouds. If you still do not know the others, then we leave you the symbols of each of them and where they are located.

What are the villages in the Naruto universe?

  • Hidden Leaf Village: Country of Fire – Hokage.
  • Hidden Village of the Tsuchigumo Clan: Country of Fire (known to have jutsus of mass destruction).
  • Hidden Village of the Clouds: Country of Lightning – Raikage.
  • Hidden Village of the Mist: Country of Water – Mizukage.
  • Hidden Rock Village: Land of the Earth – Tsuchikage.
  • Hidden Village of the Sand: Land of the Wind – Kazekage.
  • Hidden Village of the Rain: Country of the Rain (here the Akatsuki originate).
  • Hidden Village of Hot Springs: Country of Hot Springs.
  • Hidden Village of the Moon: Country of the Moon (the ninjas here specialize in genjutsu).
  • Hidden Village of Smoke: its location is unknown, this is where the Moya Brothers come from.
  • Hidden Village of Grass: Country of Grass (was the center of the battles of the Third Shinobi World War)
  • Hidden Village of Sound: Country of Sound (it is the village that Orochimaru created and led)
  • Hidden Waterfall Village: Waterfall Country (led by Shibuki)
  • Hidden Snow Village: Snow Country.
  • Hidden Star Village: Bear Country (led by a Hoshikage, but not officially recognized as one of the Kage)
  • Hidden Village of the Whirlpool (also known as the Village of Longevity): Country of the Whirlpool.
  • Hidden Village of the Valleys: Country of the Rivers.
  • Hidden Village of Artisans (also known as Takumi Village): Country of Rivers.
  • Villa Nadeshiko: Island of unknown location (led by Shizuka, and known to have a strange tradition with women).
  • Hidden Cold Village: Ice Country (it was the war field for the Fourth Shinobi World War).
  • Hidden Village of the Lock: Country of Keys (known for having super-developed espionage techniques).
  • Hidden Village between the Stones: Country of Birds.
  • Hidden Dream Village – Unknown location (video game exclusive and created by the Amagiri Clan).
  • Hidden Village of Heaven: Country of Heaven.
  • Hidden Heat Village (also known as Dragonfly Village): Mountain Country (destroyed by Takigakure).