What is Naruto’s most powerful technique? It’s not the Rasengan!

Surely you have already wondered what was the most powerful technique in Naruto. Some are so strong that they can only be used by exceptional ninjas. Find out which is the most impressive in the manga.

Naruto’s Best Attacks

In naruto, there are many extremely powerful techniques. As the Rasengan from Naruto Uzumaki or the Chidori and Sasuke and Kakashi. It is difficult to elect the strongest technique of the manga, as some are complex and devastating. Surely the Uchiha clan has the most number of attacks capable of defeating an enemy. the SusanoI’Amateratsuthe Tsukuyomi, I’Izanami and even the Sharingan are techniques that can only be used by a high-ranking ninja, possessing the eyes of an Uchiha.

the Clone Jutsu is probably the most underrated technique in manga. Seemingly unreliable and easy to counter, she is Naruto’s trademark and has allowed him to surprise many opponents and defeat powerful antagonists. But all these tricks are nothing compared to theEdo Tensei.

Edo Tensei, the strongest technique in manga

This technique, used for the first time in the manga by Orochimaru during the invasion of Konoha is probably the most impressive. It allows the user to bring anyone back from the dead with their appearance when they died, while keeping their power. Small bonus, it is not complicated to summon a deceased. All you need is a piece of the body or DNA of the target person (Blood, Bone, Hair, Nail…) and sacrifice a person.

Therein lies the vice in the use of Edo Tensei. In order to bring someone back to life, the life of another must be taken away. Thus, a powerful enough shinobi could then mount a real undead army by even reviving the terrifying members of the Akatsuki.