What is Sasuke Retsuden and when does it arrive in Latin America?

The popularity of Naruto transcended beyond the pages of the Shonen Jump review. It spread to animations, movies, video games, and light novels. Among them appears one dedicated to the last heir of the Uchiha and right now we will solve the doubt about what Sasuke Retsuden is.

What is Sasuke Retsuden? This is the manga adaptation of a light novel that went on sale in Japan on August 2, 2019. The story is a contribution by writer Jun Esaka with some illustrations by Masashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto. This novel will arrive in America this year and that will be on November 22.

The plot is several years after the anime of naruto shippuden and before that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Naruto Uzumaki is already the Seventh Hokage, but he suffers from a terminal illness.

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So Sasuke Uchiha, his rival but also a friend, decides to go on a journey to find a cure for this evil. He is accompanied by his partner, Sakura Haruno, and both face great challenges and dangers throughout this new adventure.

What is Sasuke Retsuden and when does it arrive in Latin America?
Font: Shueisha.

What is Sasuke Retsuden? It is a 226-page book, so the manga adaptation should be more or less extensive. This work comprises eight chapters plus a prologue and epilogue.

The drawing of the manga is not by Kishimoto but by another artist, Shingo Kimura. Anyway, the creator of Naruto supervise all work. So things should go well while the publication of this new story lasts.

When will the next chapter of Sasuke Retsuden come out in Latin America?

Right now it’s ready the first chapter of the manga Sasuke Retsuden on the Manga Plus site. Only it is not available with that name but a more extensive one.

It’s of Naruto: Sasuke’s Story—The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust: The Manga. The second chapter already has a release date and will be on November 5 of this year. It is because of that that some think it will come out every two weeks.

What is Sasuke Retsuden and when does it arrive in Latin America?
Font: Shueisha.

The manga is available to everyone including Latin America. However, for now it can only be read in English. The translation into Spanish and other languages ​​through the Manga Plus site still does not appear.

For the aforementioned, it will have simultaneous publication with the country of the Rising Sun, which will prevent spoilers from appearing ahead of time. Although those who read the novel know very well what to expect.

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