What is the big reveal of the ‘Naruto’ special event?

The mythical anime will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its premiere on December 17 and has a surprise for fans. There are many theories circulating about what it could be and we review the most important or probable ones.

By Ignacio Parron – 08 Dec 2022

dragonball. one piece. Naruto. The Holy Trinity of anime, the three most viewed and well-known Japanese animation series throughout the world. And the last one is celebrating. This 2022 is fulfilled 20 years of the premiere of the television adaptation of Naruto and it has been revealed that an important announcement will be made next December 17, the date on which the Jump Festa takes place, an event in which important news is usually revealed. Speculations have not taken long to go all over the Internet about what it could be. There are many predictions with what can happen, but we have compiled the most probable or the ones that could have the greatest impact.

A remastering

The dream of many followers. On the same day as the 20th anniversary of the broadcast of the first episode, a celebratory video was released that included some of the best moments of the series. This would be normal and expected, if it were not for they had remastered and updated the animation. With a more current and spectacular design, fans now ask that the original series come back without padding –hopefully– and with a style like the one we can see in the video. The result is unbeatable, as you can see.

What if it was all a dream?

The Serranos creating school. What if Madara had achieved his objective and Naruto was still under the effect of the Infinite Tsukuyomi? And yes boruto Was it just a dream and would be erased upon waking? To the latter we can only say YES, PLEASE. But, otherwise, it is all pure rumor. This theory was born from the hand of a video edited by a follower of the series in which he imagined an alternative ending. It has no real basis but, watching the video, it would be spectacular if they surprised us with this very interesting script twist.

Spin-off information

Sasuke and Sakura will have their own spin-off / Masashi Kishimoto

So far, two more Naruto sequels have been confirmed. A boruto will be added Sasuke Retsuden Y konoha shinden. The first is the adaptation of a short novel that takes place between the original series and its first sequel and will follow Sasuke and Sakura. The second is a story in which we meet Shikamaru’s disciple, who will have to save Kakashi and Gai during their trip to celebrate their retirement. It would be less surprising but more expected that during the event we see new progress of the two projects.

A live action movie

Netflix is ​​preparing a live-action series of 'One Piece'
Netflix prepares a live action series of ‘One Piece’ / Netflix

Another dream for the fans and their worst nightmare. Live-action anime adaptations haven’t been successful so far, but the hype it’s raising the series of one piece What is Netflix preparing? and the spectacular advances that he is leaking are exciting his followers. And yes yes? If the adventures of Luffy and his nakamas get to make a good anime adaptation with people, why not venture out with Naruto?