What is the impact that Kakashi Hatake has on the Naruto anime

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the industry, and its characters have earned the affection of many fans around the world, and today we will delve into one that has been present since the first episodes, being East Kakashi Hatake.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that Kakashi, better known as Kakashi Senseiis one of the main figures in anime, both for his impact on the main characters and for his combat skills.

This is the reason why we see him in so many Naruto video games. For many a talented fighter, for others the best in the series. This time we will explore in depth the background of Kakashi Hatake, taking into account his impact within the popular anime.

Kakashi-sensei and his impact on Naruto

Many years later, Kakashi had earned as much fame as his father, now known as “the copy ninja.” However, he turned away from wars to become the master of a rather particular team. Training Naruto and Sasuke was more of a challenge than he expected, and no wonder.

Both boys had a lot of hidden potential, and not just anyone would have been able to train them without having experience as a teacher. However, Kakashi took it upon himself to make them understand everything he had learned in his childhood and in wars, even if he had to be ruthless.

That was how, from a very early age, a clumsy and little applied boy like Naruto was able to learn about discipline, camaraderie, the importance of training, and above all, to never leave a partner behind. Perhaps this is why Naruto is like a multi-faceted version of Kakashi: he learned to put all of himself in order to complete a mission, but made it his mission to rescue his friend.

Many times in the Naruto series you will remember the phrase that Kakashi-sensei always repeated: “Those who abandon a mission are scum, but those who abandon their companions are worse than scum”. As Naruto grows older, Kakashi becomes his teammate, but never stops being a mentor to him.

The renowned ninja you copy has forever become your teacher who you can ask for advice, or who you can trust to defend your village. This is not to mention the times Kakashi saved his life, even risking his own.