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What is the name of Naruto’s daughter?

Naruto is one of the main characters in Japan’s most successful anime franchise called “Naruto”, which they made a film adaptation. When talking about Naruto, we cannot forget his daughter, Himawari Uzumaki, the daughter of the protagonists, Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki.

Who is Himawari Uzumaki?

Himawari Uzumaki is the daughter of the series’ protagonists, Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki. She is a petite two-year-old girl with long flowing dark brown hair and large blue eyes. Despite her young age, she is a very intelligent, smart and charismatic girl, and is destined to be a future kunoichi.

What are Himawari’s abilities?

Himawari possesses the peculiar genetic ability called Byakugan, one of the three great Eye powers The others are: the Sharingan and the Rinnegan. This ability allows her to see through objects and detect hidden movement with the help of her extraordinary eyes. Also, she can use some ninja seals with great skill.

How does being Naruto’s daughter affect Himawari?

Himawari as the daughter of Naruto and Hinata has the advantage of being the granddaughter of the Fifth Hokage, Hiashi Hyuga, and Neji Hyuga, which motivates her to follow the path of the great ninjas. In addition, the fact that the two were a great ninja couple will make their relationship as parents sure to be a great inspiration for the little girl.


Therefore, little Himawari Uzumaki is one of the most beloved and popular characters in the Naruto franchise. Despite her young age, she is destined to be one of the greatest kunoichi in the franchise. With the help of her parents, Naruto and Hinata, she is certain that she will achieve great things.

What is the name of Naruto’s children?

He is finally the Seventh Hokage (七代目火影, Nanadaime Hokage; meaning “Seventh Shadow of Fire”) of Konoha, as well as the husband of Hinata Hyūga and father of Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki.

Naruto’s daughter

Naruto is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Japanese manga and anime series of the same name. After defeating the criminal organization known as the Akatsuki, Naruto became the Hokage of his village, Kasuga.

What is the name of Naruto’s daughter?

Naruto’s daughter is named Hinata Hyuga. She is one of the daughters of the famous Hyuga brothers. Like all members of the Hyuga Clan, she possesses the Byakugan, a special eye that allows her to see things others cannot.

When was Hinata born?

Hinata was born on the day of her father, Naruto, near the end of the Fourth Ninja War. His mother is Hinata Hyuga and his father, obviously, is Naruto.

Hinata’s personality

Hinata is an introverted, shy and often insecure young woman. She has a big heart and is extremely loyal to her friends and family. She can be very brave when it comes to protecting the ones she loves.

Hinata’s powers

As mentioned above, Hinata possesses the Byakugan. This gives him various powers, such as:

  • Long distance vision: Hinata can see things at a great distance.
  • Practice In Martial Arts: She possesses exceptional knowledge in martial arts.
  • Chakra manipulation: She can manipulate her chakra to attack her opponents.

Hinata is one of the most popular characters in the series and obviously one of the best. She is a great addition to the Uzumaki family and an invaluable member of the Konoha village.

What is the name of Naruto’s daughter or son?

The birth of Boruto, the son of Naruto and Hinata.

What is the name of Naruto’s daughter?

In the world of “Naruto” fans, there is a lot of discussion about the identities and names of the characters, especially Naruto’s daughter.

Why is there so much uncertainty about the name of Naruto’s daughter?

Naruto was attracted to Hinata Hyuga, who already had a son from a past relationship. Yes, Naruto and Hinata’s son needs a name, but it hasn’t been released yet.

Who is the mother?

Hinata Hyuuga, originally from the Hyuuga Clan, is the mother of Naruto’s daughter. She is known for her determination and desire to protect those she loves, even if it means risking her life.

What is the name?

Although the official name of the daughter of Naurto and Hinata has not yet been revealed, there are several names that have been suggested by fans to try to decipher the meaning and identity of this character.

These are the most suggested names for Naruto’s daughter:

  • Karin: which means “love” in Japanese.
  • Hinata: means “sunshine in the snow” in Japanese, due to the fact that her mother’s name is also Hinata.
  • Hanna: which means “flower” in Japanese.
  • Conan: which means “little rose” in Japanese.
  • Akane: which means “red” in Japanese.
  • Hikari: which means “light” in Japanese.
  • Hime: which means “princess” in Japanese.
  • Kurenai: which means “purple flower” in Japanese.

Although fans will have to wait to find out the official name for Naruto’s daughter, there are many good name options that have been suggested for her.