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Jamesy Bolivar Maribojo, 29, is a single father from Davao, Philippines. He works as a real estate consultant for a big real estate developer and is a huge fan of Naruto: Shippuden, among the longest running manga and anime series with around 500 chapters in the decade from 2007 to 2017. her first son was born in the first month of summer 2020, Maribojo decided to call him Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze in honor of the series’ most relatable individuals: Naruto Uzumaki and his father Minato Namikaze.

“At first no one thought it was his name ending because I kept calling him Naruto. Several have asked me if that is the real name,” Maribojo told Esquire Philippines. But it wasn’t just his obsession with the anime series that led him to name his son as the main character.

Jamesy, Naruto’s father

Jamesy, 29, single father. surely, it was the “lack of motherhood” that let the kid get away with calling his son a kilometer name. The name is so long that even a man does not deign to pronounce it finished, in most cases he just calls his son “Naruto”.

What is the name of Boruto’s son?

Kawaki’s first appearance in the Boruto manga and anime sparked a belligerent backlash from fans thanks to his alleged violent actions against Naruto Uzumaki. However, his debut as a narrator was praised for his relationship with the main character and his transformation from an indifferent young man to a much more caring individual under Naruto’s dominance.

Ikemoto described the character’s relationship with Boruto as antagonistic, noting both their implied past as partners and their greater causticity towards each other compared to Naruto and Sasuke in the original Naruto manga, even going so far as to be opposed to their facade. . Ikemoto also appreciated that when the two interact, Boruto’s design becomes much more serious and “over the top”, rebelling against Kawaki.

The story begins with an attack on a town.

During the nine-tailed fox attack immediately after Naruto’s birth, Minato, the Fourth Hokage, and Kushina Uzumaki sacrificed their lives to save Konoha and their son Naruto. The beast was sealed from the inside and the baby was entrusted to the Third Hokage, who deliberately gave it the last name Uzumaki.

Previously, after the slaughter of the Uzumaki clan, the few survivors of the Uzumaki were hunted down and imprisoned by people who wanted their powers, such as Orochimaru. However, over time, this hunting gradually slowed down until it stopped completely. On the other hand, knowing the considerable number of opponents that Minato had developed thanks to his sacrifices throughout the war and how the ninjas from other villages were determined to kill any of his relatives if they discovered them. Not surprisingly, it was considerably safer to call Naruto Uzumaki than to Namikaze.

Why does Naruto have 2 children?

For this reason, Naruto had 2 children, as a reflection of his family. Since he didn’t spend time with his family, his son saw him much more as “the boy Naruto loves” than as a father. In the manga ending, Kishimoto longed to meet his family and be welcomed by his children.

How are they known as Naruto’s children?