What is the powerful villain of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations that could have his return

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a popular anime and manga series that has all the fans of the Naruto franchise inside, by continuing what was seen in Naruto: Shippūden, the scales of power are at unimaginable levels, so a villain could represent a big problem for the protagonists of the anime.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that the Boruto manga continues to give something to talk about and it is not for less, because a new confrontation is brewing, in which Jubi will have a lot to do again. Just as it happened in the fourth great ninja war, in which Naruto and Sasuke were decisive in defeating this powerful beast.

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Throughout the plot of this series, Boruto and his companions have been facing a large number of powerful villains. To those who have managed to defeat with a lot of effort. However, these powerful enemies refuse to disappear completely, because in the most recent chapter of the manga, it has been observed that a fearsome villain could be back.

Boruto’s manga has been characterized by presenting the most powerful and fearsome villains that the ninja world has been able to have, this being a great challenge for the next generation, which has had to fight alongside them, counting on the great help from Naruto and Sasuke. Although the latter have been severely damaged throughout the anime, they have lost much of their powers.

The Otsutsuki clan has been the one that has represented the most danger for these ninjas, since it is indirectly related to Boruto and Kawaki, since they have the karma of Momoshiki and Isshiki implanted. Implying that the members of this family are expected to see much longer, trying to carry out their plans through these two young ninjas.

In chapter #72 of the Boruto manga, you can see how Momoshiki has not died completely, since he has appeared to Boruto while he was preparing to go on an important mission. Making it clear that he can communicate with the ninja in the same way that the Biju do with their Jinchurikis.

This is due to Momoshiki’s karma that is implanted within Boruto, through this, he can communicate with this shinobi through his consciousness, telling him that he will soon return to life by taking over his body, which is only a matter of time, because it assures him that destiny is already written.