What is the price for a Naruto-themed hotel in Japan? find out

One of the most beloved anime by fans is Naruto, since its history has great life lessons and characters with whom you become attached in a short time, so it is worth living the experience of staying in the hotel with the theme of this anime.

This is located in the Yamanashi Prefecture and is considered a luxurious hotel that has a special suit, which is called “Japanese Ninja Suit Naruto”.

The interesting thing about this room is that the decoration is entirely dedicated to anime, from rugs to decorations that are embodied on the walls and ceilings.

This is located in the Yamanashi Prefecture.| Photo: Special

It is a fact that the tribute was made with the intention of referencing the entire Uzumaki franchise, but there is more focus on Naruto Shippuden. You can see this thanks to the paintings and pieces of art exhibited in the suit.

Another part that stands out is the dining room on a pillow that has the symbol of Konoha.

You can also find the Shadow Clones of Naruto in the doors, the interesting thing is that by keeping them open you will be able to see only one of them and when you close them you will see the replicas in front of you.

The hotel has the necessary amenities for those who want to live a unique experience and enjoy a hotel that honors the seventh Hokage of Konoha.

The price is commonly found at 35 thousand yen.| Photo: Special

If you are wondering, what is the price to stay in this hotel? You should know that prices vary depending on the time of year, but the price is usually 35,000 yen, which in Mexican money is 6,670 pesos.

Would you like to live the experience and feel in the world of Naruto? So plan your savings and visit this luxurious hotel to feel part of history.

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