What was the tragedy that marked the life of Kakashi Hatake in the Naruto anime

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the industry, and its characters have earned the affection of many fans around the world, and today we will delve into one that has been present since the first episodes, being this Kakashi Hatake.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that Kakashi, better known as Kakashi-sensei, is one of the main figures in anime, both for his impact on the main characters and for his combat skills. This is the reason why we see him in so many Naruto video games.

For many a talented fighter, for others the best in the series. This time we will explore in depth the background of Kakashi Hatake, taking into account a tragedy that marked his life within the popular anime.

Kakashi Hatake: A tragedy that marked his life

If you’ve seen the early arcs of Naruto, you’ve probably heard this story, but you may not have noticed how much it affected Kakashi-sensei. Ninja teams in Naruto are usually made up of a master and three members. Master Minato took Kakashi and two other boys under his tutelage: a kind girl named Rin, and a clumsy young man named Obito.

The latter, like the majority within the Uchiha clan, inherited a pride that did not allow him to clearly express his feelings, but in general he wanted to be everyone’s friend. Kakashi, on the other hand, just wanted to accomplish his missions. What neither could prevent is that they get caught in a love triangle, which caused Obito to feel jealous every time he saw Rin with Kakashi, who was a complete genius of the ninja arts.

This, added to the fact that Obito had not yet awakened the full potential of his Sharingan, created a certain climate of rivalry between the two boys. They were like polar opposites, both in personality and abilities. Still, they were part of the same team, and times were tough in the Village.

By twists of fate, in an unfortunate mission during the war, the boys ended up separated from Minato and were chased by enemy ninjas. They captured Rin and took her away. Determined, Kakashi stated that the most important thing was to finish his mission.

However, Obito, who was in love with Rin, could not conceive of abandoning her; even if he had no feelings for her. In front of his companion, Obito said some words that marked Kakashi forever: “Those who abandon a mission are scum, but those who abandon their companions are worse than scum.”

Kakashi continued with his mission, but those words ended up impacting his heart. Along the way, he finally understood why his father did what he did. He turned around and went to help Obito rescue Rin, but maybe it was already too late. An epic battle and noble sacrifice ended the young Uchiha’s life.