What were the possible endings of the Senju clan in Naruto

All Naruto fans have become fond of each of the characters that appear in the popular anime and manga series, and some of these acquire paths and visions of their own clans, so today we will focus on the clan in detail. most powerful in the entire ninja world, and we are talking about none other than the Senju clan.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that the world would be a dangerous place for the members of the Senju clan, who are strong ninjas by nature due to their relationship with the Sage of Six Paths. Other villages may have wanted to kidnap their descendants so they could replicate their abilities.

Having the Senju surname would put a huge target on the back of any enemy clansman. For this reason, they may have decided to disband to avoid being attacked by their enemies. The surviving members would have dropped their last names and scattered throughout the town. It’s worth noting that both Tsunade and his brother are never referred to by their last names.

The simplest answer could also be the correct one. They valued the town above all else and were very committed to their development, their families and their growth. So the Senju clan could simply have intermarried with the other clans and taken their spouses’ surnames, fully assimilating into the village until their apparent disappearance.

There is some evidence to support this theory. When Orochimaru was attempting to infuse Hashirama’s cells into the children so that they would gain the powerful element that he possesses, Yamato was the only survivor of sixty children. It is possible that he was the only survivor because he was distantly related to the Senju clan without even knowing it.

It was also revealed in Boruto that Moegi Kazamatsuri, Konohamaru’s former teammate can also use the Wood technique. There is a strong possibility that both the Hidden Leaf Village and the Land of Fire are filled with secret members of the Senju Clan who are completely unaware of their heritage. By intermarrying with the villagers, the Senju clan could have greatly increased the strength of their household with their powerful chakra and helped their community prosper.