What would have happened if Naruto’s parents hadn’t died? This is the official answer

This is what Naruto’s life would have been like if his parents hadn’t died.

This is how Naruto would have been influenced if his parents hadn’t died.

the plot of Naruto showed the world and its viewers the life of this character without the support of their parents, since they died during Tobi’s attack on the leaf village. Not having anyone, Naruto showed a great rebellion to attract attention and hide his sadness and rancor, since many reproached him for the damage that the Kyuubi caused previously, treating him with great contempt.

Although he had no parents, Naruto received the support of his teachers who served to keep it focused and oriented to the path of goodacting as his family, because, as would be shown later, without their presence, the fate of the protagonist could have been very different.

However, although the presence of Iruka and company was fundamental to the development of Naruto, we all wonder how different the protagonist’s life would have been if his parents had never died. And this is something that we will answer in the next lines.

This would have happened if Naruto’s parents hadn’t died

This would have happened if Kushina and Minato hadn't died

This would have happened if Kushina and Minato hadn’t died

Since the death of Naruto’s parents was shown and the sad childhood that this ninja had to lead, many wondered how different life would have been of this shinobi if his parents will still be alive, since the fans had always asked themselves this great question.

This great question from the fans seems to have been heard, since this franchise made a movie called Naruto Road to Ninja: The Moviewhere a alternate reality to the original plotin which Naruto’s parents never died.

The feature film Road to ninja served to prove what would have happened if Naruto’s parents hadn’t died, and how much of a difference would this make in this shinobi’s lifestyle, since it is known that in Naruto’s original world, he suffered a lot from not being able to count on his parents.

As Naruto’s parents did not die, they had the opportunity to make an impact in the life of the protagonist, giving him all the affection and love that he could not receive in the original version and that all the fans have wanted. Nothing sadder than the scenes of Naruto on the academy swing seeing all the Genin with their parents.

This alternate version of Naruto grew up with the love of his parents

This alternate version of Naruto grew up with the love of his parents

However, although all fans have always dreamed of see naruto and his parents togetherwhat the Road to Ninja film showed has not been pleasant at all, but rather dark, because, although the protagonist had Minato and Kushina with him, he ended up becoming a villain.

In this alternate version, Menma seems to have strayed from her purposes and taken the path of evil, because due to her inconceivable acts, she was considered a dangerous villain in this alternate world, deserting his own village and getting closer to Tobi who tells him about his infinite Tsukuyomi plan, so he decides to help him achieve his purpose. In addition, it has also been possible to appreciate that, in this alternate reality, the personalities of the main characters of this series are totally different from those already known.

Menma Uzumaki, the alternate version of Naruto, has become a dangerous villain

Menma Uzumaki, the alternate version of Naruto, has become a dangerous villain

The personalities of some of the Naruto main characters they took a completely unexpected turn in this alternate reality. An example of this was Hinata Hyuga, who in the original series was quite shy, to the point of hardly ever speaking. Instead, in this parallel world, this was a fierce and aggressive Kunoichi capable of facing anyone just by having the love of Menma Uzumaki, who was the Naruto of this alternate version.

Absolutely everything in this alternate reality was totally different from the world of narutobecause they were completely opposite poles, this being a small sample of what would have happened if the parents of this shinobi had not died in that terrible incident with the Kyubi.

Undoubtedly, this feature film served to demonstrate that the Naruto’s original reality wasn’t that bad as was thought, because despite all the ups and downs and inconveniences in this, his friends had more normal personalities. Also, Naruto, receiving the constant support of his teachers, managed to focus on doing things right and changing the ninja world completely.