What would Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto: Shippūden look like drawn in the style of other manga

Naruto is one of the most beloved anime and manga series in the industry, and for decades it has presented us with amazing adventures at the hands of Konoha’s most powerful ninjas, so it has a wide variety of fans fond of Naruto. Characters of History.

Something that has surprised us is that, and the manga presents us with a more than perfect job, not to mention the animation of the series that has managed to impress fans around the world, and today we will delve into its protagonist and character design .

Despite the fact that in the manga industry there are usually no crossovers between different series, it is possible to imagine what they would look like thanks to the work of the talented illustrators and their fan arts, so today we will see in detail an amazing creation dedicated to Sasuke Uchiha, the deuteragonist of Naruto: Shippūden and one of the survivors of the Uchiha Clan.

Best of all, we can see what this beloved character would look like if he had an appearance in other manga, with a different drawing style, all thanks to a fan art made by Adoté will Draw, better known as a2t.will.drawon his official Instagram account, where he shares most of his designs and fan art dedicated to his favorite series.

We must mention that the essence of this fan art lies in the fact that its illustrator has decided to recreate the characters of a manga, but using the design style of others found in the industry, as he shows us on this occasion with a fan art of Sasuke Uchiha, although drawn in the style of One Piece, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer and other manga.

For those who are not into Naruto: Shippūden and the character of Sasuke Uchiha, we tell you that Sasuke from the first moment shows to be a cold, severe, unpleasant, proud boy with a great gift in the arts of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, and thanks to his Sharingan also in the Genjutsu. Adoté will Draw has already made some variations of other characters in the manga industry before, so he is quite an expert on this topic.