When is Sasuke coming back? Review of his departure from Konoha

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Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most complex characters in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise. The last Uchiha of Hidden Leaf Village at the very beginning of the series, there was a loneliness and anger about him that spoke to his fellow Team 7 player Naruto Uzumaki. Both boys were without family, entirely on their own in the cruel ninja world, but Sasuke’s circumstances were far grimmer than Naruto’s. Seeking power and revenge, Sasuke left the Hidden Leaf after realizing that the training he needed to defeat his outlaw brother Itachi would never be offered by Sensei Kakashi Hatake, or anyone else in the village.

Their personalities couldn’t have been more different, but those differences created an unbreakable bond of brotherhood and rivalry between Sasuke and Naruto that has fueled manga and anime storylines for years. Naruto couldn’t accept Sasuke’s departure and embarked on a unique mission to bring his friend home. Every training Naruto had, every new jutsu he learned was an effort to become more powerful than his rival, so he could make Sasuke see the light. When Sasuke reunited with Team 7 to defeat the Ten Tails and save Konoha, his rivalry with Naruto had reached its peak.

When does Sasuke return to Konoha?

In Naruto Shippuden Episode 478, Naruto and Sasuke finally had the ultimate showdown, but it’s been a long road to get there. Although Naruto won the battle, the outcome did not bring Sasuke home as he would have hoped. To understand why, it’s important to look at what made Sasuke leave the Hidden Leaf, as well as the things he did while he was gone.

Sasuke had a very close relationship with his older brother Itachi. Itachi was a ninja prodigy and Sasuke wanted to be like him. When his brother betrays him and the Hidden Leaf Village, wiping out the entire Uchiha Clan, this left a painful scar on Sasuke’s soul that drove him to seek revenge. In fact, after Sasuke discovered his brother’s murderous deeds, Itachi activated the Tsukoyomi and forced his little brother to repeatedly witness the death of their family and clan in an effort to ignite his revenge and destroy him. force yourself to be stronger.

Sasuke only thought about getting the power needed to destroy Itachi. During the Chunin Exam preliminaries, Kakashi trains Sasuke to use his Chidori lightning technique. Believing this would make him strong enough, he soon realized his mistake the next time he encountered Itachi. When Orochimaru branded him with a curse mark during the second phase of the Chunin Exams, this triggered his desire to leave the village and study under a greater master. As a legendary Sannin, Orochimaru possessed skills and techniques that would make him stronger than Kakashi’s teachings ever could. When Orochimaru sent a team to retrieve Sasuke, the latter accepted the offer.

Sakura and Naruto were devastated by Sasuke’s departure, desperately wanting to believe that Orochimaru had kidnapped him against his will. Naruto swore to himself to bring him back, but when he caught up with Sasuke and learned the truth, an epic battle between the two set their rivalry in stone.. Naruto spent years not only training, but also researching Sasuke. When he learned that Sasuke was finally going to face Itachi, Team 7 set out to try to stop him. They arrived too late.

When does Sasuke return from Orochimaru?


Orochimaru’s plans for Sasuke were shown early on. In exchange for the power to destroy Itachi, Sasuke would become Orochimaru’s next host body. Sasuke seemed to be on board with the idea, but he was actually planning things that even Orochimaru hadn’t seen coming. Having learned all he could from his master, Sasuke waited until Orochimaru was in a weakened state to attack him and consume his power for himself. With everything he needed to face Itachi, he left Orochimaru’s underground lair, but instead of returning to the Hidden Leaf to ask Team 7 for help, he formed a new team called Taka with three of Orochimaru’s former test subjects: Karin, Suigetsu, and Jugo.

The Hidden Leaf attempted to intervene before Sasuke killed his own brother, but to no avail. By becoming a murderer, Sasuke officially becomes an outlaw ninja. After Sasuke learned from Madara the truth about Itachi’s actions, namely that they were decided by the Third Hokage and the village elders, Taka temporarily joined the Akatsuki. He turned his revenge and pain on the Hidden Leaf and swore to destroy it at all costs. Unfortunately, Pain got ahead of him, and it wasn’t until the threat of Madara and the Ten Tails appeared that Sasuke temporarily allied himself with Naruto, hoping to spare the Hidden Leaf, so he can become Hokage and right past wrongs.

In Naruto Shippuden Episode 478, the two rivals finally faced off in an epic battle that nearly destroyed their bodies. In the end, Sasuke lost his left arm and Naruto his right arm when Chidori and Rasengan clashed. As the two lay side by side, believing themselves to be near death, Sasuke finally relented and promised to step aside so Naruto could become Hokage. Although both Naruto and Sakura wanted him to come home to where he belonged, Sasuke refused, believing he needed to make amends for all the wrongs he had done over the years.

When does Sasuke return to Boruto?


Fifteen years after the events of Naruto Shippuden, the Hidden Leaf Village has changed dramatically under the watchful eye of the Seventh Hokage in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Sasuke still hasn’t returned to the village, but he is working with Naruto, gathering information to keep the village safe. Now married to Sakura and the father of a daughter named Sarada whom he has not seen in years due to his redemption mission, he is enticed to return to Konoha when Sarada accompanies Naruto to a secret meeting with Sasuke. She wants to see how he is, but instead, thshe confronts him with the fact that he is an absent father. After learning how his absence has affected her over the years, he makes an effort to be more present in her life, returning to the Leaf when he can, in order to spend time training her and Boruto ( whom he takes as a pupil).

Who is stronger, Naruto or Sasuke?


While the answer to this question may seem simple, it is not that simple. At the end of their most brutal fight, Sasuke picked Naruto as the winner, but in the entire franchise, Sasuke was definitely the top student.. Not only did Sasuke have natural talent, but he was smarter and trained more easily. He also had better control of his chakra, which Naruto struggled to master for years. Ihe two men faced each other five times. Sasuke won two of these fights, two were deemed inconclusive, and Naruto emerged victorious from the fifth and final fight.. Sasuke was perhaps the most serious student from the start, but over time Naruto showed true determination that allowed him to master techniques far superior to Sasuke’s.

Thanks to his bond with the Nine-Tailed Fox, Naruto’s chakra pool was huge compared to Sasuke’s. Although they both achieved the Hermit of Six Paths ability, Naruto came out with two Rinnegan, while Sasuke only had one, making Naruto’s use of the Rinnegan more powerful. Many have called Naruto the most powerful Shinobi in the world, making Sasuke the second most powerful.

How did Sasuke get the Rinnegan?

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The most powerful of the three Great Dojutsu, the Rinnegan’s eye power is a rare and unique kekkei genkai that only a handful of ninjas have managed to awaken. The increase in its holder’s chakra is so great that they can go mad and lose their power if they are not careful or strong enough. It is able to see the flow of chakra inside the body and allows the user to master not only any jutsu, but also the five basic chakra natures. Rinnegan users can also use the techniques of the six paths.

Sasuke’s awakening of the Rinnegan is no coincidence. During a near-death dream, he and Naruto discovered that they were two sides of the same coin, the reincarnated descendants of the Hermit of the Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsusuki. Hagoromo gave them each half of his chakra, which awakened the Rinnegan in Sasuke’s left eye and the Six Paths Hermit Mode for Naruto.

Does Sasuke die in Boruto?


As of now, Sasuke is still alive in the Boruto manga and anime, but fans think that won’t be the case for very long. In the intro episode of the Boruto anime, Boruto and Kawaki seem to face off in a rivalry even more dangerous than the childhood fight between Sasuke and Naruto. As neither Naruto nor Sasuke seem to be there, and Kawaki threatens to send Boruto to where he sent the Seventh Hokage, things look bleak for the older generation of ninja heroes.

Additionally, Boruto wears Sasuke’s Hidden Leaf headband (which he does intermittently since becoming Sasuke’s student)but he also wields Sasuke’s sword in this scene, suggesting that his master may not be able to fight anymore.. Whether that means Sasuke is dead or just unable to fight doesn’t really matter. As Boruto leaned heavily on the previous generation, there will definitely come a time when neither Naruto nor Sasuke will be there to save the day.